LEDs – The Green Future

LEDs – The Green Future


LED stands for “light Emitting Diode”. They are the latest in the technology inventions for energy efficient lighting. They are the most power saving and smart lighting option available today. Tesla Electricians, who are the main electricians in Brunswick, encourage all their customers to use LED lighting.


  1. CONSUMES LESS POWER: Compared to halogen and incandescent light, LEDs use approximately 85% less energy. A 50-watt halogen lamp and a 9-watt LED gives you the same effect, which saves you money.
  2. LONGER LIFE: Compared to other types of lighting, LEDs have a much longer life. They can be switched on and off frequently without the lifetime being affected. Other traditional lights lifespan is reduced dramatically if you continually keep on switching them on and off. LEDs do not stop working, neither do they burn out. They just emit lower output level, gradually getting dimmer until they go off.
  3. ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY: Being free of toxic chemicals, LEDs are 100% recyclable. Other conventional light bulbs contain mercury or lead which is dangerous to the environment. LEDs also do not emit any UV rays or infrared radiation, making them ideal for object materials that are sensitive to heat and ultra violet light.
  4. DESIGN FLEXIBILITY: LEDs deliver light more efficiently to a specific location. They are designed such that they can be dimmed to control the distribution of light and colour. A combination of LED systems can create some spectacular lighting effects that are not only pleasing to the eye but also brighten our mood and mind.
  5. COMPACT AND DURABLE DESIGN: LEDs are made of solid components that are resistant to rough conditions like extreme weather, vibrations and external impacts.
  6. INSTANT LIGHTING: LEDs give you instant lighting as they reach full brightness instantly in comparison to traditional lighting which takes a while to reach its maximum capacity of brightness.
  7. OPERATIONAL IN COLD TEMPERATURES: The operation of the LED lights is not impacted by the extreme conditions of outdoor winters or freezers.
  8. SAFE ALTERNATIVE: Since LEDs operate at much lower temperatures, they are cooler to the touch, making them a safe option to halogen lights.
  9. LOW VOLTAGE POWER SUPPLY: The lights operate in a low voltage power supply. They are therefore a good choice for outdoor events and functions and are perfect in remote or rural areas. They can even be connected to an external energy source.


They are perfect for your homes because:

  • Requires little maintenance,
  • Is durable,
  • Has a longer lifespan,
  • Save you money, energy, and time.

Now that you know the benefits of Light Emitting Diodes, what is stopping you getting them installed in your home or office or even using them for your parties and functions? Upgrade to a more energy efficient home by calling Electrician in Brunswick.


We are the number electricians in Brunswick for all your installations and electrical repairs. Our skilled and experienced electricians have an abundance of knowledge in all areas of electrical contracting and ensuring your home’s safety is their utmost priority.

Why don’t you give electrician in Brunswick a call and update your home to a more energy efficient one by installing light emitting diodes? Go green and do your bit for the environment and the world.

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