List of Prominent On-demand Doctors App and Technologies to be Incorporated

List of Prominent On-demand Doctors App and Technologies to be Incorporated

Although many industries have faced a setback during the COVID-19 times, the on-demand doctor app sector is not one. The demand for doctors’ apps has increased as many hospitals are specialized to take care of the Coronavirus patients, and also, people are hesitant towards visiting the hospitals as they are afraid of virus contractions”. We have just been climbing and climbing since March,” says CEO Hill Ferguson. He says the main reason attributing to the company’s growth is not only COVID-19 but also pandemic’s ripple effects.

Ferguson has witnessed a 132 % increase in patient appointments. In addition to that, more than 1000 doctors are willing to join this sector.

 Some of the successful Doctors on-demand services


The on-demand doctor consultation app was found in 2015, and it provides healthcare across Malaysia and Singapore. They are planning to expand in other countries like Thailand and the Philippines. They offer four primary services to the patients- doctor house calls, medication delivery, live chat, and video consultation.


Doctors consultation apps facilitate patients to connect with the preferred doctors through chat, call, and video call. Users can communicate with nurses to discuss their symptoms and connect with the doctor. They also provide medicines online. These can be purchased based on the prescription users get.


There are two kinds of services: Instant care through video calls and In-person care wherein doctors visit your place for diagnosis. The app for doctors on-demand is taking the necessary precaution to protect the customers from the deadly virus. Some of the measures taken by them include:

  • Physicians were the required PPEs before entering patients’ homes.
  • They sanitize the medical equipment thoroughly with alcohol before and after each visit.
  • Patients are requested to wear facemasks, and physicians maintain 6 feet distance whenever possible during diagnosis.

High-end technologies that can be part of Uber for doctors app

Virtual Reality:

It is one of the high-end technologies, with which patients can experience as they are in the hospital itself. At the same time, doctors can diagnose the patients better.


The sensitive information regarding patients are stored; these include lab results, medical records, etc. So blockchain tech will ensure these data are safe and secure.

AI and ML:

The efficient algorithm based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning can improve user experience in finding the right medical services they require. They can also analyze patient’s records and provide them with diagnoses for mild health issues.

The Bottom line

With the advent of many advanced technologies, the on-demand Uber for doctors app is set to bring about a revolution in the healthcare industry. Thousands of doctors are already willing to be part of these consultation apps after seeing the sudden surge in demand. Entrepreneurs can make use of this wonderful opportunity and launch their medical consultation app.

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