Methods to Check if your ITSM Platform is FedRAMP Certified

Methods to Check if your ITSM Platform is FedRAMP Certified

In today’s world of science and technology, we can see that various cloud products and services are being utilised thoroughout. The companies that provide these services try to get certification over these products, which assures the quality and gives users a belief to use them without any fear. ISO certified consultant offers this certification.

Coming to FedRAMP, one should know that it stands as a Federal risk and authorization management program. And FedRAMP is a government based program that gives a standardized approach to security inspection, permission, and constant monitoring for cloud products and services. It also confirms that these cloud-based products third-parties are verified and enacted for deployment at United States government agencies. Getting this authorization is a substantial process, and it needs third-party Approval. It also includes a survey and readiness assessment report (RAR) that needs to be approved by the FedRAMP program management office.

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And lastly, Authorization to Operate, which is a sign off from government agency customers, confirms that the solution is sufficient to handle agency data. And once all these steps are completed, you can verify that your ITSM platform is FEDRAMP certified.

Why is FedRAMP required?

FedRAMP dealers have different requirements for the agencies they are working with, which requires authorization packages for each one. FedRamp executes a fundamental security baseline and provides both an initial approval of a cloud service and a mechanism for that security package to be reused across the nationwide government.

After coming to a certain extent, everyone will be in confusion about the purpose of the FedRAMP requirement. It is a program that assures your communication system and helps in building a vast IT infrastructure in the future.

In todays date, it is challenging to provide cloud-based products to government agencies, and FedRAMP is a platform that covers up all the hurdles and gives you the best IT basement with high-end security.

Opting FedRAMP helps you with the following:

Ready to execute:

It confirms that they can run their business smoothly with the cloud products and services of a particular company without any worries.

Rigidly tested:

It checks if your business has gone through governmental processes, and it also assures quality and security from your end. ISO 9001 consultant also confirms the certification.

Do once use many times:

FedRAMP exists with a line “Do once, use many times.” It means that once the cloud service is approved, agencies can study the comprehensive authorization packages and grant ATO’s for their organization to use the service. This prevents duplication of work and saves both time and money.

Once you receive all these certifications, you will be listed in the market list, and any agency that wants to use the cloud services or products from your business can check out your certifications. These certifications build trust and confidence in their mind to opt for your products and services confidently.

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