MJX Bugs 2 SE Drone Review

MJX Bugs 2 SE Drone Review

Introduction to the MJX Bugs 2 SE Drone

The MJX Bugs 2 SE Drone is a new type of drone that is designed for beginners with the purpose of making drone flying as convenient and straightforward as possible. The specifications that went into developing this drone are impressive, especially when considering how affordable it is.

There are undoubtedly many hours of enjoyment to be had with the long list of impressive features that this drone is equipped with. All of the remarkable features will be covered in the sections below.

Who is this Drone best for?

This drone is designed for beginners who are looking for a high-quality drone at an affordable price range. Video creators for social platforms like YouTube may want to consider this drone for purchase because of its wide variety of impressive features.


The smart GPS is designed so that a simple command will control and notify the drone of how to react. This makes it convenient and simple for novice drone pilots to get in the air without a significant learning curve.

What Is Inside the Box?

One important thing that many customers will want is a list of items that come inside the box when purchasing the MJX Bugs 2 SE Drone. A list of everything is included in the diagram below.

Items in the Box

Remote Control

  • MJX Bugs 2 SE Drone
  • Drone Battery
  • Drone Charger
  • Drone Accessories and Tools

List of Features – MJX Bugs 2 SE Drone

  • Flight Range: 500 – 750 Meters
  • Flight Time: 20 Minutes
  • Video Quality: 1080p High Definition Camera
  • Photo Quality: 1080p High Definition Camera
  • Drone Size: 41 x 41 x 8 CM
  • Drone Weight: 1 Pound (440 Grams

Tutorial – MJX Bugs 2 SE Drone

YouTube Tutorial Video – MJX Bugs 2 SE Drone

MJX Bugs 2 vs. MJX Bugs 2 SE

MJX Bugs 2 SE

There are some important differences between the MJX Bugs 2 and MJX Bugs 2 SE drones. The most significant difference is the drone design that focuses more on convenience in the SE version of the drone. There is also an impressive 1080p 5G WiFi Camera that is integrated for improved video quality.

A re-designed GPS navigational system that offers one key command options for important aspects like drone takeoff, landing, and returning. A slightly enhanced range and the battery is also an important feature to mention regarding the SE drone.

Both versions of this drone are also similar in some ways, but the MJX Bugs 2 SE should kind of be considered as a remaster of the original. There are some minor improvements across all aspects of this drone in the SE version.

Tips, Tricks, and FAQ – MJX Bugs 2 SE Drone

Tips and Tricks

The most important tips are related to some of the features that are integrated into the drone. One neat tip is the ability to turn on the ‘follow me’ flight mode that commands the drone to stay nearby to the pilot. There are also similar modes like ‘orbit,’ and ‘holding pattern’ that follow simple commands as well.

Another excellent tip for video creators is to utilize the ‘hold altitude’ feature that prevents the drone from climbing or descending so that a steady flight attitude is achieved. This is great for scenic photo capturing, videos, and other similar actions that video creators may be intending to take.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long can the MJX Bugs 2 SE Drone fly for at one time?

The MJX Bugs 2 SE Drone can fly for approximately 20 minutes without a charge.

What is the drone’s onboard camera quality?

The onboard camera features 1080p High Definition 5G WiFi support.

What type of drone commands are compatible with this drone?

Pilots can conveniently command the drone to orbit, follow, descend, climb, turn, and hover.


The MJX Bugs 2 SE Drone is undoubtedly an impressive drone that fits the mold for beginners and constant travelers that are interested in creating beautiful videos from a high-quality on-board drone camera. While the flight time is relatively short when compared to other similar drones, the affordability and impressive list of features make this one of the most valuable drones on the market for its current price range.

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