Mobile Shopping Trends That Will Emerge in 2021

Mobile Shopping Trends That Will Emerge in 2021
The E-commerce scenario is witnessing rapid changes due to the advent of new &innovative technologies. One of the most exciting trends that are being talked about by everyone is Mobile Shopping. So, what are the trends in mobile shopping that will emerge in 2021? Read on to find out!

4 Mobile Shopping Trends for 2021

1. Increase in Sales from Smartphones & Tablets

E-commerce websites are slowly being overtaken by mobile websites & easy-to-use mobile apps.
Almost everyone owns a smartphone & around 70% of these smartphone users know how to shop from mobile apps. The best part about shopping from mobile applications is that you don’t need to go to a physical store.
You can easily check the pictures of your products & check out reviews before deciding to purchase a product. Shopping has been simplified due to the advent of mobile apps. That is why an increase in sales from mobile devices will rank as one of the top mobile commmerce trends for 2021.

2.  Placing Orders in One-Click

Gone are the days when you had to enter all the shipping & contact details in long web forms.
Mobile apps are redefining the way people shop online. In mobile apps, you can easily store all the basic details like address, contact information & other relevant data.
While placing the order, simply choose your product & the shipping details. That’s it! Place your order & complete the payment. Convenient, Isn’t it?

3.    Voice Assistant-based Shopping

Big E-Commerce sites like Amazon & Walmart are leveraging voice assistant’s in their mobile app to simplify the process of mobile shopping.
All you need to do is open the voice assistant and ask for the product that you want to purchase. The voice assistant will automatically open the product page for you!

4.    Easy-to-Use Chatbots

Chatbots were primarily used in eCommerce websites. However, they are increasingly being leveraged in mobile apps to offer seamless support to customers. If customers want to know about a particular product or the shipping details, all they need to do is open the chatbot and ask a relevant question.
These are 4 Mobile Shopping Trends that will be prevalent in 2021.

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