Cisco Certified Architect ?Overview of Cisco Certifications

Cisco Certified Architect ?Overview of Cisco Certifications

Cisco Certified Architect :

The CCAr can develop and articulate the vision of a network and align the vision with strategic objectives and business needs. The CCAr can document the vision of the network in the form of an architectural specification that controls the engineering design for the network. To perform these tasks, the CCAr must be able to identify the objectives and requirements of the business, determine the architecture or functional specifications (for example, characteristics and functions of the network) to support those objectives and make communication decisions, as well as techniques and decisions commercial. Of non-technical target groups. Also, the CCAr must be able to communicate with business leaders, administration and operations, be familiar with daily activities and their relationship with the network, and transform the network’s capabilities into commercial impact. Details of cisco certified architect salary, responsibilities, certification overview explained in detail below.

Responsibilities of the Cisco Certified Architect

  • Develop, document and communicate for a company’s IT infrastructure and the short-term steps necessary to achieve that vision.
  • Define the execution strategy and priorities for network infrastructure and related services and applications.
  • Understand the business of a business and its impact on the architecture, design and operation of the corporate network.
  • Define and communicate the priorities of the individual elements of the network architecture in an approximate time frame.
  • Break down a business problem into its parts and determine how each party interacts or interacts with the other parties
  • Lead teams formed by architects in other disciplines (such as applications, data centres) and different roles (for example, business, finance, facilities, marketing) to understand the application and services necessary to achieve business objectives and establish network properties. Required to support these applications and service.
  • React to inquiries with appropriate approximate estimates of impact, time, feasibility, practicability and business objectives

Salary Information for Cisco Certified Network Professionals :

Although the USBL Statistics does not specify salary ranges based on certification levels. In May 2018, he found that the average annual salary of network and computer system administrators was $ 82,050. reported that as of 2019, the salary of certified network engineers specialising in Cisco networks averaged $ 82,000 per year.

Professional information for Cisco certified network professionals :

A Cisco Certified Network Professional often works as a network engineer, system engineer, network analyst, or system administrator. Design, implement, repair, and maintain network systems for an organisation. A CCNP typically requires at least a year of experience to apply for this certification. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics UU. (BLS) Predicted that the employment of network professionals will increase by 5% between 2018 and 2028 ( Among the industries in which most network professionals are employed, according to the BLS companies for computer system design, schools and telecommunications companies.

Overview of Cisco Certifications :

Cisco Systems offers general and specific certifications that require at least a written exam. General certifications offered at four different levels of experience in seven different paths, including routing and switching, design, network security, and network storage.

The entry-level name is Cisco Certified Entry Network Technician (CCENT). However, professionals with sufficient work experience can skip this level to receive the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) mark. The CCNA is a prerequisite for the professional designation of CCNP.

Cisco also offers expert-level certifications that do not require prior certification, although sound knowledge is expected. The certification process at the expert level includes a written exam and a practical lab test. Cisco also has the highest designation, Cisco Certified Architect, in the design path. Only those with a current CCDE are eligible.

A Cisco Certified Network Professional is a highly paid profession, and the number of network professionals will continue to increase from 2015 onwards. To obtain this degree, several certifications and in many cases, an associate’s degree or even a bachelor’s degree are required.

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