PHP Solutions for E-commerce? List of Best Free to Use PHP Platforms!

PHP Solutions for E-commerce? List of Best Free to Use PHP Platforms!

Over the past years, e-commerce has grown fast. It has gained more value due to increasing use of digital devices like desktop, smartphones, etc. Nowadays, a huge no. of people like to purchase online due to a lot of conveniences involved in this mode. Easy and affordable access to internet and WiFi has also fueled this growth.

To keep oneself successful, a merchant always requires a website that can attract new customers while keeping the existing ones engaged. An extended customer relationship of any digital vendor can lead to direct rising profits.

There are several related web technologies to design and develop an eCommerce system like PHP, WordPress, Shopify, etc. all these mediums have their advantages and disadvantages to improve efficiency and growth.

Talking about PHP, it is a flexible, versatile, and open-source scripting language that is powering many eCommerce platforms to offer clients with the best of web development. With its accurate and powerful adoption, you can easily build scalable and robust tools for business.

In the last few years, many PHP advancements have benefited eCommerce industry in many ways. One sole reason for its adoption is no experience required to design or develop an online platform.

Here, I have listed top 3 most popular PHP powered eCommerce platforms that can aid your online startup progressively. Take a look at the list below and choose the one that suits best to your business and target niche’s requirements.


Over a quarter of all active eCommerce businesses globally are being supported by Magento. It has become a giant of the digital retail industry with a wide array of uncomparable & salient offerings to the merchants.

A certain level of PHP programming expertise is required to build a website with this platform. So, Hire PHP developer, if you don’t possess technical knowledge.

Inconsiderate to the size of an online store, Magento is a cost-effective yet versatile tool which one can use to develop an eCommerce business over time and is highly recommended by the experts.

Key Features

  • One-Page Online Checkout
  • Integrated for Real-Time Shipping Rates
  • In-built SEO tools
  • Marketing, Analytics, and Reporting Tools
  • and more.


WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin. It is quite popular in today’s digital retail industry and holds a considerable share in the market. Even if you have already set up a WooCommerce store, there always remains a possibility of further improvements or enhancements for future growth and profits.

‘WooCommerce’ can be easily used as a key tool for your eCommerce strategy accompanied by content management prowess of WordPress.

A well-crafted, accurate, and powerful integration of WooCommerce setup will help you to differentiate your brand while engaging more users via a delightful shopping journey. Choosing a fast hosting, keeping an eye on latest updates, and efficient security checks can help you strengthen its default build.

Key Features

  • Content Integration of WordPress
  • Support Geo-location
  • Clean and advanced web interface
  • Community support/hosting
  • Pre-laid Payment Gateways, and more.


With nearly 2 million active websites, Joomla is amongst the most popular software package for both CMS and eCommerce. It is an MVC (Model View Controller) web application framework. Though it holds only 6% of market share in the current time still it is showing moderate popularity amongst retailers.

Mostly opted by content-oriented websites, Joomla is also gaining popularity amongst individual eCommerce owners. With a strong community of developers, Joomla is improving itself year over year.

Key Features

  • Flexible and easily scalable structure
  • Open-source software
  • Compelling design essentials
  • and more

Wrapping Up

If you are looking for a high-performing eCommerce website build on PHP, this compilation of options available is rightly curated for you. Apart from these, you can also explore other options available in the marketplace.

In case of any query or concern, you can write back to me.

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