Is PowerPoint themes and templates are the same? Understand the main difference between them

Is PowerPoint themes and templates are the same? Understand the main difference between them

If you regularly use PowerPoint presentations to convey your ideas and plans, then you must know the importance of PowerPoint templates and themes.

PowerPoint alone, cannot deliver the matchless results for the presentations, rather you need the assistance of the templates and themes.

You can easily prepare the presentations related to the business, marketing, sales, and academics with the vast range of templates and themes that are editable, unique, and fresh in all forms of designs.

PowerPoint theme-

A PowerPoint theme consists of the combination of predefined colors, fonts, and effects that can be easily applied to the presentation. These built-in themes help you to create a professional presentation by saving your precious time.
Themes can be changed and altered at any time and you can easily change the color, fonts, and shape styles of the themes with ease of access.
These are the custom PowerPoint themes that can be easily accessed by the user with very simple and easy steps.

PowerPoint template-

PowerPoint template is a typical blueprint of slides or a group of slides that are used to create presentations. This template contains pre-loaded patterns of designs containing layouts, colors, fonts, effects, and many more.
You can easily store custom templates that you have created, and can easily share them too.

It is the all in one package that includes the vital components, that are required for the creation of a professional presentation. It is the set of instructions that guides the look, finishing, and styling of the presentation.

Difference between PowerPoint theme and template-

  • Even though PowerPoint templates and themes are used for the new slide presentations that contain layouts, typefaces, and colors. However, there is a line of differentiation between them that makes them distinctive in their respective nature.
  • PowerPoint templates have multiple slides and on the other hand, themes have only one. It clearly signifies that templates have a large scope, and themes have a narrow scope when it comes to the versatility in the creation of presentations.
  • A PowerPoint template can get you the handfull of shapes, graphics, tables, charts, etc because it is the characteristic feature of the templates to provide the bulk range of equipment for the presentation. And even professional PowerPoint themes can only get you a limited amount of features for the presentation.
  • PowerPoint themes are easy to apply to change the look of a presentation, and this process is not time-consuming. However, it is quite comparatively hard to apply changes to a template, and hence, it requires your precious time.
  • Themes execute work across the entire Office suite and can be easily utilized without any mess. That kind of flexibility is not seen in the utilization of templates because these are not flexible enough to change accordingly.
  • Sometimes, a template doesn’t open up as a blank presentation. This happens because of their format and quality to present the pre-loaded format for the presentation. However, a theme opens up as a blank, and the user can easily modify the presentation.
  • Themes are not visible sometimes however you need to search for them from the bottom right dropbox and select “All Files” to show the themes at once.
  • To create a template is a long process you need to design the layouts with background essentials, fonts, colors, and typeface. To create a theme is easy because you need to save the template of a theme and it easily gets usable in such an easy process.
  • Up to some extent, it has also been noted that templates include the theme. A template is the parent body, and the theme is considered as the child. These both are inseparable from each other, and together they present extraordinary results. PowerPoint theme templates are the ideal way to craft your presentations.

Both are the winners-

Both PowerPoint template and theme deliver the stupendous results for the presentation, Both are the winners! (no consolation prizes) For the remarkable presentation, you must utilize both. It is very difficult to create a presentation without any participation of the template and theme. It saves precious time for further productive works.

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