Reasons for Businesses in Canada to Invest in Windows VPS

Reasons for Businesses in Canada to Invest in Windows VPS

A Virtual Private Server is a dedicated server hosted on a powerful cloud computer. As the name suggests, multiple users share a single physical machine and use it as their virtual private server. Canadian business owners looking for an affordable option to host their websites will find this option to be the perfect solution.

It provides all the features of dedicated hosting without spending all that capital upfront. If you are debating whether to invest in Windows VPS Canada, the following points can help you make a sound decision by elaborating on the benefits.

Increases scalability

The Canadian economy is vastly dependent on international trade, with overall import and export of goods and services accounting for almost a third of the GDP. Various industries need secure internet servers to maintain their daily operations.

It can also help them scale faster and expand to other markets, drawing in global customers more efficiently. This technique can be especially helpful for retail and manufacturing industries in Canada which often rely on customers worldwide to meet their sales targets.

Boosts online presence

According to a Yellow Pages report, inadequate online presence is a common problem for businesses in Canada. After all, the country has a population of over 38 million people, and it is constantly growing, posing a challenge to new and growing local businesses in reaching them.

Fortunately, you can use VPS to boost traffic to your site and create a robust online presence, effectively increasing conversions. Many affordable plans can help with this, allowing you to host different sites on a single server, giving each site its own IP address so they don’t conflict with each other.

More excellent website security

An excellent reason why VPS is better for your business in Canada than shared hosting is that it offers you complete control over your server. You can use it for anything from running a simple blog to complex enterprise-level applications, and there is no need to worry about other users affecting your performance or security.

Additionally, since each user has dedicated resources, there won’t be any sharing among websites hosted on the same server as yours. In other words, even if someone manages to hack into someone else’s site on the same server as yours, they won’t be able to access yours because it has its unique IP address and software stack.

Inevitably, this technology is a boon for real estate companies, traders, manufacturers, and financial entities in Canada, as they need secure servers to function daily.

Affordable services

You can choose a cost-effective Windows VPS in Canada solution from multiple options made available by reliable service providers in the region. The price of VPS depends on the server and plan that you choose to go with. For example, you can select more affordable plans provided by some companies, such as a 1GB RAM plan with 50GB storage, administrator access, and RDP access for approximately $17 a month.

Alternatively, you can opt for a costlier plan averaging around $32 a month with better features such as 4GB RAM and 200GN storage. Lastly, choosing a reputable service provider who can provide greater and more secure access to your data and applications than what is available with shared hosting is vital.

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