What Makes it The Right Time To Launch a Thriving UberEats Clone Business

What Makes it The Right Time To Launch a Thriving UberEats Clone Business

Thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic, most of the planet is under quarantine with people stuck inside their homes. Going out to get their favourite food items is seen as a risky and challenging task now and for the near future. Because of this, the poor gourmets and food lovers are left in a quandary wondering what to do. However, there is light at the end of this dark and gloomy tunnel in the form of food delivery mobile applications. Now there is a skyrocketing demand when it comes to this particular sector of mobile apps with a reliable source claiming that there is a predicted 57% rise when it comes to the user base.

It is quite evident that the risk of contracting the contagion has made a vast number of people to opt for on-demand food delivery apps to satiate their cravings and enjoy tasty delicacies. It is now the best time to jump into the food delivery business or optimize your existing one with the help of an Uber Eats clone solution. Let’s see why it is the best fit for a thriving business amidst this COVID-19 lockdown and quarantine period.

The massive upsurge in terms of demand:

It is reported that in the United Kingdom there was a substantial increase (amounting to 160%) in orders from UberEats. While in the United States, this accounted for a rise in orders of nearly 54%. The business of UberEats is doing well despite this global pandemic. It is also to be noted that companies like Ride-Hailing, Fashion, Personal Care, Electronics and Cosmetics have seen a considerable dip concerning the total revenue. However, the food ordering/ delivery business is presently tasting massive success with even more aspiring entrepreneurs and enterprises jumping into the fray.

UberEats Clone Business

Speaking of the UK market, it is specialized in serving a lot of customer-based preferences. The General Manager of UberEats stated that the spike concerning demand is because the British people had integrated online ordering as an essential component of them. This fact is actual because UberEats has grown to become that very crucial and necessary. The UberEats office in the UK went forward with a smart strategy where it agreed with the local markets and grocery stores to deliver the essentials like meat, milk and eggs. It proved to be a brilliant and smart move paving the way for more benefits to the end customers and the business enterprises involved. Uber Eats and other such similar clones are always in demand and never face a period of lull in business because of the massive demand for grocery delivery. Besides, grocery delivery, there was an enormous rise in demand for beverages which accounted for over 150% increase in sales. Thereby the already in-demand Uber Eats app increased its prominence in terms of the market even further by entering an agreement with brands like Caffe Nero and Black Sheep.

With the overwhelming demand came an equal amount of pressure on UberEats. It made a smart move by entering the online grocer market, which generated revenues of worth USD 5 billion across the globe. It has provided a multitude of opportunities for Uber Eats to fine-tune and refine itself in terms of popularity. The delivery fee concept got removed from the picture, and this resulted in massive demand for orders. The eateries as well embraced the notion of a competitive pricing strategy that stays logical with the app’s value proposition.


The Food Ordering /Delivery On-Demand apps are seeing a rise in prominence because of the increase in terms of income and the market share on a global level. The vast amounts of profit that is generated by this sector of mobile apps have paved the way for the advent of what is called Uber Eats clones. Now is the right time to enter into the On-Demand App business industry particularly when the pandemic is raging across the globe, and people are confined to their homes with no hopes of getting food or grocery by visiting the shops. And for a start, you can find approach a company like Uberdoo, which has the expertise when it comes to being a professional and highly reliable mobile app development company that develops clone app solutions.

Our team can get you a robust Uber Eats clone that is cost-effective and relatively similar to UberEats but offering a multitude of features and functionalities that sets it apart from the original application when it comes to being special and unique.

You can visit Uberdoo.com to know more information and to get things started on an immediate basis.

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