Samsung Vs Iphone What Makes Them Unique

Samsung Vs Iphone What Makes Them Unique

Samsung Vs Iphone

By the start of 2020 both phones have officially announced their latest new collection of flagships. Today an idea that Samsung vs Iphone and all their latest craftsmanship on different parameters. Where you will be able to comprehend what makes them unique.

Comparing the quality of screen

Most of the people prefer small screens because of the portability reasons; while on the other most of them prefer larger ones. Because they want to play games on larger screens, watch movies and so on; and in order to double the joy or whatever reasons they have. In this section we will be comparing the screen qualities of both brands by comparing the latest flagships by the apple’s side. We are taking Apple IPhone 12 while from Samsung’s side we are taking Samsung s20 both the phones are competent and are going to be premiered by this very year.

Screen of Apple IPhone 12

Apple IPhone 12 Its display type is peoled, having the pixel density of 495 ppi, and screen resolution bearing 1125 x 2436 pixels. The phone has a 3D touchscreen with Multi-touch settings. Screen sizes come with 42 inches.

Screen of Samsung s20

The phone has the display type of Amoled pixel density of 524 ppi. Its screen resolution comes with 1440 x 3200S. The screen is well protected with Corning Gorilla glass v6. The phone has a multi-touch as well as capacitive touchscreen. It ultimately frames up with 6.7 inches screen size.

The result of comparison

Apple IPhone 12 is relatively smaller than Samsung s20. But in terms of ruggedness the champion is our Apple IPhone 12 as it is immune from dust and water as well and this feature makes it unique.

Comparing the quality of camera

Camera is the most prominent and most demanding future of any flagship and none does want to carry another device in the form of a camera or any other equipment. Everyone wants their camera from their phones as they are already spending a great amount of money.

Now we will be comparing the cameras of both brands this time we are taking different phones yet both are latest. From the apple side there is the Apple IPhone XS and from Samsung’s there is the Samsung Galaxy S10. Apple IPhone XS has a single setup camera, with auto flash, face detection, and touch to focus features. Image resolution is designed with 4000 x 3000 Pixels. Samsung Galaxy S10s camera features comes with auto flash option has 10 x digital zoom power it has other options like auto flash, face detection, touch to focus the camera makes up with the image resolution of 4000 x 3000 Pixels.

The result of comparison

Both phones have great cameras. But it’s always the rule of games, a casting vote is being made in terms of time. The Samsung phone have basically two lenses depending on the distance to be covered while the iPhone wins the war in terms of camera and iPhone becomes unique as it uses the laneses of dynamic range.


We had only compared the features of both mobiles on the basis of screen and camera. But there are many other things to be compared like Apple iphone Prices and Samsung; which you can easily do on the Mobile Mall. A thing to be noticed is there is not any huge difference in Apple iphone Prices and Samsung Mobile Phone Prices though. Every phone has its pros and cons and likewise it is possible that some features of mobile are greater than another and vice versa.

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