Simplify Your Work and Reach the New Heights in Business

Simplify Your Work and Reach the New Heights in Business

Getting most appropriate distribution management software for fulfillment many of your business related tasks efficiently as well as swiftly are most important and useful, features of which are discussed here.

As you know, Distribution Management task is not easy. It becomes a headache or tedious work especially when the transactions performed related to distribution activity is on the daily basis and also large in number. In such a case it becomes really very hard for businesses to manage their stocks and their transactions simultaneously. Even small businesses that have smaller amounts of stocks will find it difficult to keep track all distribution related activity if the company needs to perform number of transactions on a regular basis. That is why each and every type of business should acquire Distribution Management Software to work efficiently and effectively. No matters business is small or large type.

Features of distribution management software

  • Inventory Management : The Inventory Management feature of Distribution Management Software provides you real-time access to your entire available inventory, manage and alter quantities, and dealing with inventory costs etc. Thus you are able to efficiently and effectively manage your distribution process.
  • Advance features: Distribution Management Software also supports advanced features such as centralization of work at multiple warehouses, lots, dealing with inventory sub items,  track of expiration dates,  about negative inventory etc.
  • Purchase order Management: this feature of Distribution Management Software automates your purchasing processes and reduces the cost of acquiring materials. It automates the whole acquirement process from vendor sides, to issuing purchase orders, receiving orders, generating related logs and documents, and analyzing results.
  • Sales Order Management: The Sales Order Management feature of Distribution Management Software totally changes the way you order. It allows you to optimize the way you enter and fulfil sales orders. You are allowed to split orders across multiple clients and locations, verify credit limits, issue and restore orders, distribute inventory, accept returns, and many more. Integrated workflow with notifications and alerts improves fulfillment of processes in timely manner and improves customer satisfaction.
  • Requisition Management: The Requisition Management feature allows you to organize and simplify complex distribution processes and transactions that includes multiple products and suppliers. This feature optimizes and changes the way you collect requests, obtain offers, create tenders, approve tenders, manage purchase activity, and fulfil orders for internal or customer consumption.

Benefits of Distribution Management Software

  • Distribution Management Software helps you to improve customer satisfaction.
  • Maximize the overall profit from business.
  • It improves purchasing efficiency.
  • Distribution Management Software allows you to perform transactions on time.
  • All data at one place.
  • Provides security to your data.
  • Cost effective solution of distribution task.

So, why so much stress. Acquire Distribution Management Software for your business and forget the stress of management. And reach the new heights of business.

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