What Makes Microsoft Better than Apple?

What Makes Microsoft Better than Apple?

Microsoft and Apple; both are well known brands in Smartphone industry. There are people who prefer windows over Apple iOS and then there are those who prefer iOs over Microsoft Windows. Both have their own pros and cons.

Microsoft Surface Pro

Here, in this blog post; we will show you what makes Microsoft better than Apple:

  • Windows Applications : These are handled properly by Windows instead of Apple OS. In Windows 10, just drag an open window at the top of screen to make it full screen or drag it to the side to make it half screen. This window is now ready for multi-tasking.
  • What is better Microsoft Cortana or Apple Siri : Microsoft Cortana has noticeable amount of preferences over time. Cortana is available from Windows 10 task bar on Android as well as iPhone while Siri is available only on iPhone and iPad without integrating with Mac OS X.
  • Updates in Apple OS : Apple’s OS has not changed much in recent years while Windows has changed from Windows 7 to Windows 8 and now Windows 10 and with these updates; Microsoft has made several changes including addition as well as removal of various options and submenus in Start Menu. It has now become much easier to find files and apps as compared to previous versions. This will help you to get main information such as arrival of Uber can be known without knowing the app.
  • Windows – better place for gaming : Windows serves to be a better place for gaming instead of Mac. With Windows 10, Microsoft’s new Xbox app allows game streaming from Xbox One console to Windows 10 laptop, tablet or PC.
  • Which is better for cloud services : When we talk about cloud services then Microsoft can be considered better than Apple. With several apps like OneNote and OneDrive; one can have access to files and notes anywhere and anytime and on all devices apart from just apple.
  • Microsoft’s Hardware Business : It is widely useful and performs all that is done by computer. Microsoft Surface Book is a good combination of tablet and laptop and it has enough horsepower which is used to play various marquee games.
  • Microsoft surface Pro 4 : It is said that Apple copied most of the features of Surface Pro 4 in its iPad Pro and hence it has limited selection of apps which we can say is Windows all the time.
  • Microsoft in Recent Few Years : During some recent years, Microsoft has much better bold experimentation which includes lots of nifty experimental apps for Android and iPhone including Hub Keyboard that reduces the amount that is used while switching between the apps. It also is applicable to advanced scientific research. Microsoft Research offers findings to everything including speech recognition and artificial intelligence. It also results in various technologies like HoloLens holographic Goggles.

So, now the decision is entirely yours whether to use Microsoft Surface Pro or Apple MacBook however while making selection just keep in mind that Microsoft does much better than Apple.

Take Away: Hope this blog post will be useful to you while making decision between Apple iPad Pro or Microsoft Surface Pro. Stay tuned for more such posts.

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