Storifi Blocks – The Building Blocks of Your Shopify Mobile App

Storifi Blocks – The Building Blocks of Your Shopify Mobile App

No-Code Platforms are all the rage these days as they are being leveraged to seamlessly build mobile apps for a variety of purposes. Even eCommerce businesses like Shopify Stores are taking advantage of No-Code app development platforms to quickly build & deploy an easy-to-use Shopify Mobile App for their customers.

Storifi is one such exciting No-Code Mobile App Development Platform that enables both amateurs & professionals to build a beguiling Mobile E-Commerce App for Shopify Store & use it to improve sales and revenue.

One of the most important features of Storifi’s No-Code App Development Platform is Storifi Blocks. What are they & how you can use them to build your mobile app? Read on to find out!

What are Storifi Blocks All About?

Storifi blocks can be termed as the building blocks of your personalized Shopify Mobile Application. These blocks can be stacked one after the other or as per your business requirements to quickly build native mobile apps for Shopify store.

These blocks usually contain a single product or a collection of products. This is because most eCommerce businesses offer a ton of products that customers can choose from.

By offering these products or a collection of products on the home page, you can easily attract more customers and achieve better sales as well as revenue.

But, how do you stack these blocks one after the another?

The answer is Drag & Drop!

Storifi Leverages the Intuitive Drag & Drop Feature

Storifi’s Drag & Drop feature is quite easy to use. As the name implies, all you need to do is choose a particular block and after that just drag & drop it into the desired location.

You can drag & drop custom product banners or a collection of products to personalize your mobile application.

Pro-Tip: Put your highest selling products in the first few blocks so that your customers will know what your brand is known for.

Storifi Blocks Help You to Quickly Build a Shopify Mobile App

Now that you are accustomed to the Drag & Drop Feature, building a Shopify Mobile Application is as easy as taking a walk in the park.

Choose the Storifi Blocks that suit your business needs and simply drag & drop them according to your personalization needs. Once that is done, start editing the blocks by adding your products collections or products that will most likely entice the customer.

That’s it your Shopify Mobile App is ready. If you want to leverage further customizations, then you should head over to the Theme & Menu Customization options to do the needful.

Types of Storifi Blocks

1. Customer Banner

In this particular Storifi Block, you can showcase a single product that would most likely be the highest selling product or a product that most of your customers like.

2. Product Collection

As the name implies, you can add a collection of products in your mobile app with the help of this Storifi block. You can show up to 4 products in a grid view in the product collection block.

3. Multiple Collection

Leverage this Storifi block if your Shopify store offers more than one collection.

4. Collection Carousel

Seamlessly showcase multiple collections from your Shopify store in your Shopify Mobile App with the help of the Collection Carousel Block.

5. Collection Horizontal

As the name suggests, you can easily showcase all the products of a single collection in a horizontal view with the help of the Collection Horizontal Block.

6. Sale Countdown Timer

If you are planning to host a sale, then you can incorporate the Sale Countdown Timer Block. Simply modify the title, date, time & text color to host your next sale!

This is what Storifi Blocks are all about! These intuitive Blocks enable you to customize your Shopify Mobile App in a myriad of ways. Head over to Storifi& start building your very own Shopify Mobile Application in Minutes!

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