Technology Trends of 2021 That Will Shape The Future

Technology Trends of 2021 That Will Shape The Future

Technology has been sustaining us for the past many years. Mankind has made rapid strides when it comes to technology trends.

From a teensy bit of RAM & ROM onboard the Apollo Guidance Computer which helped in undertaking the first-ever mission to the moon to the sophisticated Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain & IoT, technology has come a long way.

Who deserves the credit for these ultramodern innovations? Us!

Large &Small Organizations, Startups, Innovators put in thousands of hours &lots of efforts to bring forth trailblazing technologies that changed the way companies carry out businesses. However, in 2021, it is high time that tech leaders embrace technologies that will pave the way for a better future. So, what are the key technology trends for 2021 that companies should leverage? Read on to find out!

Technology Trends of 2021 that will Reshape the Future

Choosing Technology that Matters

With rapid innovations in technology, business & technology strategies are getting more & more aligned. In addition to that, the unfortunate onset of Covid-19 has somehow proved to be a boon for companies, Why?

Companies all around the world took the path of rapid Digital Transformation to ensure that they were not left behind when compared to competitors in terms of innovations, productivity & operational efficiency. This gave a big boost to many companies who accelerated their business journeys to the future.

Interesting Fact: Cloud spending in the Q1 of 2020 was almost three times more than that of 2019. By Q4, around 70% of companies had plans to increase their cloud spending.

So, companies need to choose wisely when it comes to leveraging a particular Technology Trend for their business growth. Smart choices will ensure that companies enjoy higher productivity, revenue & operational efficiencies.

A Mirrored World – New Possibilities with Digital-Physical World

To put it simply, a Mirrored world is basically a digital world that is created with the help of Ai layering & huge networks of intelligent technology.

These networks are connected with each other to create digital models of product life cycles, whole factories, ports, supply chains, cities & more! These data models would soon become essential for every business out there that wants to get ahead of the competition.

These mirrored worlds will help small- & large-scale enterprises to detect & predict operational issues, optimize operations, prevent downtime, offer excellent autonomy & adjust strategies as well as designs business models according to every changing business needs.

Democratizing IT Solutions

IT solutions have always been unreachable to people due to their complicated structures & the requirement of skilled personnel to use such solutions.

However, rapid innovations & technologies like Low-Code/No-Code Platforms, Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Robotics Process Automation & others are enabling companies to improve their business strategies at a rapid rate.

This was not possible a few years back. These unique technologies & applications are ensuring that humans leverage the full potential of technologies.

Democratized technological solutions are helping organizations & people fix their operational & productivity issues. But, that’s not all! People can go ahead & create various new solutions and applications that will simplify business processes & drive business growth.

These are a few key 2021 Technology Trends that have the potential to shape the future.

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