The Best Wireless Cloud Based ATM and Bank Surveillance Cameras

The Best Wireless Cloud Based ATM and Bank Surveillance Cameras

Bank surveillance camera systems are the most advanced and ideal strategic security measure for bank customer safety and security. At a very basic level and for fundamental agenda, installing bank surveillance cameras gives safety officials and authoritative security personnel teams visibility into every event and activity occurring at the respective bank branches, ATM, mobile banks, or any credit union location.

For the most crucial reason, banking facilities and institutions are often honored as the most secure and safe places on the planet. People from different places, different backgrounds, even different countries entrust them with their money or other assets and it’s their job to keep everything safe and maintain that trustworthy relationship with their clients. To fulfill their respective commitment, modern bank video surveillance systems with all the top-notch advanced features are a necessity. With all the modern developments and advanced changes in digital technology and IP surveillance, many banks have started to modify and increase the effectiveness of their standard security systems by investing in all new security trends.

Due to the large number of monetary transactions that occur daily both in banks and ATMs, it’s crucial to install and deploy smart security cameras to cover all the transaction areas and most chaotic areas. In any uncertain event where client assets or valuables are compromised, the footage captured by security camera systems proves to be critical in helping police departments and law enforcement departments to understand, and appropriately pursue the whole incident and catch the suspects effectively.

Bank Monitoring camera

Here we’ve listed the major benefits and characteristics of installing and implementing Ambicam Bank Monitoring solutions-

1.  Prevent & Deter burglaries


Banks continue to be the most vulnerable and highly prone targets for any robbers and burglars looking for a big payout. The properly set up bank security surveillance systems can help to deter and prevent robberies or any such cases, and if something unfortunate happens as in a worst-case scenario, it can provide important data as a shred of full proof evidence to law enforcement people.

2. Crime Investigation

In several instances of robberies and fraudulent claims, the captured data from bank security cameras can be used effectively and efficiently to identify the intruders and track down suspects.

3. Reduce Cheque Frauds

IP surveillance systems integrated with advanced video analytics management functionalities such as facial recognition or object detection feature are helping at their utmost potential fight the problem of cheque frauds which are very common at banks by recording the complete transaction data of individuals and capturing clear images of offenders. This whole crucial information can very well be used to identify suspects or criminals and helps in protecting your customer accounts.

4. Combat suspicious ATM withdrawals

It’s now a likely common thing for bank customers to report any suspicious ATM withdrawals where money has been transferred or taken from their accounts without their knowledge. In such scenarios bank security cameras record every detailed ATM transaction to provide answers to such malicious acts by offenders.

5. Centralized Monitoring

Advanced bank surveillance camera systems designed nowadays allows footage and data from multiple branches of respective banking facilities to be directly monitored and transmitted to a centralized location, and it can also be viewed over the Internet.

6. Integrated Alert Systems

With the help of advanced technologies and modern surveillance systems, bank security cameras are now integrated with instant alert systems that directly notifies the officials and authorities of banks in case of any mishappening or vulnerable situation.

7. Extraordinary Features & Functionalities

in recent times have become much more intelligent with the help of smart video analytics and management features such as motion and audio detection systems, facial recognition systems, and behavioral pattern recognition, this can easily be used more effectively to identify any suspicious behavior of any individual or abnormal activity going in and around the bank premise.

8. Digital & Cloud Storage

With digital technology taking all over the place, recording, storing, saving, and managing the captured data has become more efficient, reliable, easy, rapid, convenient, and accessible than before, allowing for new and advanced search techniques that help in accurately highlighting specific incidents or certain situations and identifying suspects with more ease and speed.

9. 24/7 Constant Surveillance

provide an immense capability for 24/7 constant surveillance and monitoring of banking facilities and their surroundings, providing complete protection outside the typical working hours also. This is specifically a helpful feature for ATMs which are accessed 24 hours a day by several people.

10. Data Recognition

used in recent times use more advanced and digital technologies capable of more enhanced forms of data recognition that prove effective and useful for searching any captured footage for specific incidents or bank transactions and images of particular individuals that can be suspects.

11. Enhanced Customer Service

The more secure and safe your bank premise is, the more confident your customers will be. This will lead to a relationship with trustworthiness and confidence between the bank officials and their clients. An effective bank video surveillance system goes a long way in enhancing this sense of security.

12. Remote Access

IP surveillance systems for bank monitoring also allows for remote monitoring and access option of both live as well as archived video and image data, which can be monitored from any computer with an Internet connection or via a respective application with good access to the network.

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