The Electric Glue Guns Save Costs And Time

The Electric Glue Guns Save Costs And Time

The hot melt glue guns and the hot melt adhesives are used by enthusiasts as well as professionals in different industrial, production, packaging, and manufacturing settings. Hot melt adhesives can bind a range of substances and materials including wood, ceramic, glass, paper, fabric, metal and even certain organic substances. The hot glue gun price is affordable as well.

Machine failures need to downtimes that cause wastage of time and money. The problem becomes even more acute when the parts required to repair the machine are not easily available. Sometimes only an expert techie can resolve the issue and the availability of these experts may not be as smooth as anticipated. Use of the electric hot melt glue guns in the packaging and other industries can be one of the wise decisions taken to reduce downtimes and to optimize and smooth the workflows.

Performance Consistency

The compressed air used in the non-electric glue gun and the hot melt adhesive applicators is expensive. The quality of air deteriorates with and use of the system, which may not work as efficiently after some time of installation. This results in lesser lifespan and decreased accuracy of the hot melt system. The electric glue guns, on the other hand, may offer efficient results to up to 300 million cycles easily and throughout their entire life.

The solution to Spare Part Related Problems and Issues

The hot melt applicators that have a greater number of seats and more moving parts within the valves may wear out easily and also require frequent maintenance. The electric glue guns have a lesser number of seats and the moving parts are also quite less in these new innovative glue applicators. Therefore, the glue guns require lesser maintenance and there are lesser expenditures as well.

No Requirement of Solenoid Valves

The pneumatic hot melt glue applicators have the solenoid valve, through which the modules are activated. The solenoid’s performance is adversely impacted by debris, heat, and air moisture. When the solenoid does not perform well enough, problems like inconsistency in the glue pattern, sloppiness, absence of glue firing, and spitting may be observed. Because of these problems, the solenoid, module, and the nozzle may also require frequent replacements that result in unnecessary expenditure. The electric glue gun does not require the solenoid valve and therefore these problems are absent in this new age machines.

Reduced Adhesive Consumption

The electric glue applicator systems in the electric hot melt glue guns save lots of adhesives during operations. The electric glue applicators can provide efficient bonds while applying a lesser amount of glue. Observational studies reveal that the glue gun powered by electricity may use up to 75% less adhesive in the long run. The electric glue guns come with features like pattern controller through which the size of the beads, as well as the distance between them, can be effectively controlled.

Sold at a low glue gun price in India, the electric powered glue guns use electricity but are a more eco-conscious product. They provide greater savings over a period of time and make the operations cost-effective time saving, and devoid of errors and downtimes, which is what is desired in the industrial work scenarios.

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