The Tools You Need for Modern API Development

The Tools You Need for Modern API Development

Many modern & cutting-edge software solutions depend on various types of API. Many enterprises develop their own API for their custom apps. These APIs are needed to seamlessly work with external areas for effortless data transfers. So, let’s look at some amazing tools that you will need for API Development.

Tools that you will need for Modern API Development

To Inspect & Make API Calls

If you are planning to develop or use an API, then you’ll have to make some requests and meticulously review the responses. You will want to view the backend code & the raw data of such requests & responses. So, here are a couple of API testing tools that can help you to do just that: 

  1. cURL – This tool is mostly used by beginner API developers. It was primarily built to develop all types of data transfer protocols & formats. However, cURL’s default works properly with a usual HTTP API.
  2. HTTPie – It is essentially a command-line tool & is primarily focused on RESTful APIs that return JSON.

To Receive the Requests & Interpret them

This is a basic principle; you make an API call & someone on the other side receives it. These are some tools that will help you to receive & interpret API requests:

  1. RequestBin – This is an effective web frontend service. Its main function is to display the details of a particular request. Once you install this tool, it will start receiving webhook requests in which you can see query strings, raw body, full headers & more.
  2. Postman – This is a holistic API development tool that also takes care of tunnelling and simple webhook viewing.

To Create API Descriptions & Use Them

Without machine-readable definitions/documentations, a modern API is useless.

  • Spotlight – It is a visual editor that helps you to create OpenAPI documents from the ground up.
  • SwaggerHub – It is an effective OpenAPI document generator & editor. It seamlessly acts as an Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Therefore, it suggests syntax. Additionally, it matches other resources from your API documentation.

These are some helpful tools that will enable you to undertake Modern API Development efficiently.

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