Tips to Get The Maximum Number of Views on Your Youtube Channel

Tips to Get The Maximum Number of Views on Your Youtube Channel

Are you a budding YouTuber who wants to gain some free YouTube views? Well, YouTube is a great platform to gain momentum and there are wonderful optimization features too.

It is the second-largest search engine in the world and this social media platform is a widely used channel to promote, entertain and educate the people. All the more, this social media platform has roughly 20 billion monthly visits.

The average session of any video is under 40 minutes. However, YouTube is liked by people a lot. No matter how old people are, they simply like browsing videos that are created by so many YouTube content creators.

If you are talented and you are a content creator too, then you must be wondering how to get YouTube views. Well, just like any other people, sometimes through shady things, they try to promote their content. But, we will tell you the best kind of ways to get free YouTube views.

Also, Youtube’s bot detection is getting better and better and they can easily identify spam promotion content. Apart from that, Youtube’s algorithms are paying more attention to how the user is reacting or interacting with the video rather than the count of views.

While you are getting to expand the viewer outreach, you are going to work hard. However, with the right amount of tactics, you can expand your content and the audience.

Try getting views from Youtube’s Organic Search Results

Like Google, YouTube has its search engine and search algorithms. These are used to see and showcase some of the best videos to the users. YouTube has a wide variety of videos and some of them rank the top according to their niche or genre. Try using some keyword-rich titles or descriptive ones. You can conduct good keyword research so that you can use some SEO methods to gain views. You can try to check the keyword popularity too and try placing that in your video.

Keyword Rich descriptions are needed

When you are trying to work hard, then why not put some effort into keyword-rich descriptions and quality content? This will help you increase the click-through rate and thus the views will grow automatically. Try using the stand out keywords and don’t be too specific too. Capturing the interest of the user is required. You can go with the normal SEO meta description.

Tags Are Your Best Friends

When you are working on YouTube, tags are helpful to distinguish videos. These video tags further help to differentiate what exactly your video is about so that the algorithm can understand what the users are going to see when they see your video. The description, title, and tags need to reflect what your video content is about. Try short-tail SEO tags.

Creating Your Thumbnail Image

Thumbnail Image is the one that is displayed on the video before the user clicks on it. It can work wonders and a lot of them make it clickbait thumbnails to gain views. But, you have to try creating quality thumbnail images so that when they are on the organic results page or the suggest videos section, they can appear neat. Use high-quality content and images all the time.

Transcripts for your videos

When you are creating captions or transcripts for your videos, they need to be helping you to get more views. They say that the closed captions can always help you get more YouTube views. But you need to rank well for Youtube’s organic results to potentially increase your views. These closed captions highly help them international audiences and the disabled too.  If you are thinking of purchasing YouTube views, they might be a great option for now but in the long term, it is not a great tactic. The behavioral analytics of YouTube can figure it out while scanning through the other ranking factors of the video ranking.

Video Content

No matter how much SEO and marketing tactics you apply, your video content should shine. It is the most important factor to decide how many views you are going to get. You need to try to get more engagement for your video otherwise the behavioral analytics will detect the content engagement. For better organic search positioning, try to bring out better creative content.


Hence, to get YouTube views, create some content where it piggybacks off of already present viral trends. You need to have an already built-in market that desires your type of video content so that the moment you post your video; you can get more views. Apart from that, the users are smart. If they find your content useful, they will share your videos through their social media too. They will keep returning for more and this will increase the views. Try collaborating with fellow YouTubers so that their viewers can also view your content. Keep posting great content and work hard to follow these tips and you will get great views on your YouTube channel.


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