5 Tips to Build a Strong Online Presence

5 Tips to Build a Strong Online Presence

Generally, when we search for something online, we put our trust mostly on the websites appearing on the top results. And then we look further to see if they have a social media presence as well and read reviews from other customers as well. After seeking proof from all over Google, we finally made a purchase. This is a normal buyer’s journey!

You might now understand why having a strong online presence is important for a business to grow. It not only makes it easy for customers to find your brand but also helps them learn about your reputation in the market. Once they trust your brand, then the purchase is made.

If you want to build a strong online presence as well, read this blog and explore 5 ways to do it.

Strengthen Your SEO Strategies

Mastering SEO is one of the most important steps to take into account in order to strengthen the social media presence. Appearing on top of the search is the first step towards building an online presence.

SEO practices are categorized into on-site and off-site SEO to master on-site SEO, you need to master the online content of your brand. Perform keyword research, including internal and external links, create tutorial blogs, videos and more, and use LSI keywords. Also, do not forget to update your content regularly.

While performing an off-site SEO, you need to ace the technical side of things. For instance, installing https for your domain, extending domain registration length, reducing website overall loading time. Off-page will help you improve your SEO i.e Search Engine Results Page ranking.

Create Value for Your Brand

Apart from focusing on making money, you need to concentrate on creating your value for your customers and become customer-centric. Focus your attention on what the customer wants and needs. Focus on maintaining good customer relationships by offering a seamless shopping experience.

What more can you do? Create free educational content about your product and services defining their benefits. Offer solutions to your content that can efficiently solve the pain points of your customers. Include the features and benefits of your products to motivate them to buy from your brand.

Utilize Social Media Platforms

Did you know that there are approximately 2.38 billion monthly active users on Facebook, 2.0 billion on YouTube, 1.6 billion on Whatsapp, and 1.0 billion on Instagram? These stats state that social media has by now become a key tool for reaching your intended audience.

Also, having a social media profile can help you build credibility and reputation for your brand. If you don’t have a presence on social media, people are not going to put their trust in you.

Paid Advertising Services

Paid online advertising can help you increase brand awareness amongst your customers. If your ads appear in the top searches, it is easier for people to notice your brand.

“PPC works on a bidding system in which you select target keywords, then compete with other advertisers to place ads in the search results for those keywords. If your bid is among the highest, you’ll earn placement above organic search results — and if someone clicks, you’ll pay your bid amount.”– says Web FX.

Decide what content you want to promote and where and you can start online advertising your brand anytime.

Seeking Help From Influencer Marketing

In order to build a strong brand presence online, it is essential to engage with the most popular personalities in your niche. For instance, if you are into the sports industry, target the personalities/influencers famous for fitness.

When influencers promote your products and services, it automatically generates credibility and trust for your brand in your customers.

Influencer marketing helps you spread good words about your brand online and helps to provide value to your audience.


It is very obvious that consumers turn up to Google before making any purchase. Even if you send an introductory or promotional email to your target audience, chances are most of them will try to find out more information about you on Google or different social media channels.

You need to understand why people do this. It is because they want to know about you, your reputation and your status in the online market. So they try to find as much information as possible from various platforms before making any purchasing decision.

Your online presence speaks for your brand. It helps in establishing your credible brand image, spreading awareness about your product and services and more. Hence generating you more leads.

If your business is experiencing stagnation in its growth graph, it is time that you pay attention to building or improving your brand presence online. Hire a certified digital marketing agency to give your business a boost.

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