Top 5 Android Keyboard Phones

Top 5 Android Keyboard Phones

Irrespective of your smartphone cost, the QWERTY keyboard on them matters most for daily use. Most of us are used to what comes in built-in on Android phones. Since we love models and brands, we practised those keyboards present on them.

Why sacrifice and use the existing QWERTY keyboard when there are the latest Android keyboards phones available. Here, we have discussed those user-friendly features of the latest top five android keyboard phones for quick typing, easy to use, many features to anticipate with artificial intelligence, functions on any apps, and you feel comfortable using them 24/7.

BlackBerry Key2

BlackBerry Limited launched BlackBerry Key2 in June 2018. Its official price release was $ 500 Canadian Dollars. It is the best android phone to upgrade for the previous BlackBerry models. It is worth buying at this cost for its technical features.

The people preferring a keyboard-equipped android phone must purchase the Key2 model from BlackBerry. Its 4.5-Inch display screen has a sleek QWERTY keyboard on the downside. It is like a typical keyboard, which has black keys with white-coloured alphabets and numbers. The Key2 model is easier to type using both hands and on a single hand. They have sound and light features to help you text at night.

BlackBerry Key2 has Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 2.2GHz Octa-core processor with 4 GB RAM. It is the best QWERTY keyboard phone in the android segment to buy under the premium phone range by hard touch key speed typing.

Unihertz Titan

Unihertz is a brand famous for manufacturing budget-friendly smartphones. Their all-new Titan official release price is $ 300. It was launched in 2019 for the rigid QWERTY phone seekers. It is worth purchasing for their rigid keyboard with a large screen feature.

The Unihertz model from Titan is IP67 Certified for its rugged outdoor smartphone category. Its rigid android keyboard might take time to feel comfortable for a new user. Yet, they will love it for the sound and depth they touch and feel with each keystroke on this QWERTY keyboard.

Titan model is a good buy for its Octa-Core Processor Android 9.0 version. Its widescreen and android keyboard at the bottom makes it comfortable holding in hands and typing by feeling the touch of keys and sounds. It will help you if you could learn the shortcuts keys faster for its speed typing. It is a 4G, dual SIM android phone with keyboard-equipped ones.

LG Xpression

LG is a brand famous for its affordable consumer electronics manufacturing. Their Xpression model is the best to buy for people preferring a hard android physical keyboard. The keyboard-equipped phone, openable by sliding is a classic feature. Many love this type of sliding QWERTY phone in the android segment.

LG is manufacturing consumer-friendly smartphones from South Korea.  It is a $ 100 Smartphone with a 5.3-inch display screen and a sliding keyboard on the back. Any user will get a keyboard typing experience, as it is a QWERTY type phone.

LG Xpression is the best android keyboard phone to buy for frequent e-mail repliers. The users can type like the standard keyboard present with a PC or a laptop. Keys are similar to a laptop and feel much comfortable while typing with both hands. Thus, you will retain your typing speed.

Lenovo A588T

People preferring a low-budget android phone with the QWERTY keyboard and flip type must buy Lenovo A588T. This model is worth purchasing for its classic looks and sleek model. It is priced at $ 230. Yet, it is available at discounted prices in major online stores.

Lenovo A588T is much convenient to type with both hands. Its keys are a soft touch like in a calculator. Its QWERTY keyboard is vertical, and the display screen is in full length. It has the Android 4.4 and MTK6582 Quad Core processors.

Its shortcuts keys are the best to use to increase typing speed and for texting conveyance. Yet, a new user might take some time to use this flip-type model in the Android phone segment. It supports multi-language typing.

Fxtec Pro1

Fxtec is a London-based Smartphone manufacturing company. Its all-new Pro1 model is the best one to buy under the top 5 android keyboard phones in a sliding model. Yet, it is the best one to buy for its 155-degree angle sty after sliding the QWERTY keyboard. One can experience lie a small laptop as its screen is full HD plus with a 5.99 display.

Fxtec Pro1 is the best for people looking for typing elegance on a hard keyboard and a trendy model under the android segment. The usage of shortcuts keys and background lights on the keys are the best to use during the night. Yet, its cost is higher as you might have to pay $ 699.

Bangla Keyboard App

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