Top 5 In-Demand Artificial Intelligence Jobs in 2021

Top 5 In-Demand Artificial Intelligence Jobs in 2021

Artificial Intelligence is empowering several industries with its smart solutions. From industry giants like Amazon and Google to small startup companies, the adoption of AI into their businesses is very aggressive. As a result, the AI career profiles are at the peak and becoming the most in-demand job in the industry. The new researches in the field of AI and machine learning -its subset is becoming the most sought-after career in the tech industry.

Several big brands such as IBM, Amazon, Microsoft, Accenture, NVIDIA, Facebook, Intel, Adobe, Uber, Wells Fargo, and Samsung among others are using machine learning on a large scale to drive innovation. Almost all industries are applying AI technology in one or more sectors in their businesses including manufacturing, farming, finance, education, and transportation.

Let’s understand some of the AI jobs that are most in-demand in the market here.

Business development manager

Do not get confused with the job title that it is for MBA graduates or professionals. They are professionals who have deep experience in business and technical aspects- especially in AI. They can also be called AI business development managers. The professional is expected to help business leaders and technologists to adopt new services, envision a future with smarter machines that can solve business problems.    

They should be able to communicate the organization’s AI/ML approach, value proposition, and deliverables. Further, they should work with the team to adopt AI/ML technologies from the manufacturing process to customer service – deploy AI campaigns for work, sales, and field teams.

The base pay average for a business development manager ranges between USD 72,450 to USD 79,782 per annum, Glassdoor reports.

AI Engineer

The professional as an AI engineer will be responsible for the commercialization of AI for business movement. AI engineer is expected to design and implement AI applications by understanding the business problems, formulating solutions, and applying the right AI computing technologies in order to solve it. AI engineers will be responsible for AI models from scratch, build data ingestion, and data transformation infrastructure in the organization.

The national average salary for an AI engineer is USD 1,15,320 in the United States, as per

AI Research

Though the application of AI technology is important for business development, the research in the field is also equally important. Someone should discover ways to advance AI technology. Some may get involved in advancing data systems, oversee the new software development, or uncover new possibilities. They help to implement changes in the present tools and hold accountability for the creation of new tools.

Mention not to say, the job outlook for AI researchers is very positive. The average salary for AI Research Scientist is USD 109,859 per year as per

Machine learning engineer /Specialist

Machine learning is the subset of Artificial Intelligence and forms the core of any AI projects a business handle. As they apply predictive models by leveraging natural language processing, the engineers should have a background in applied research and data science. It is essential to be an AI programmer first to demonstrate a real understanding of machine learning and allied multiple programming languages.

Machine learning engineers command high salary compensation. They command an average salary of USD 127 per year, reports.

Data scientist

As a data scientist, the professional is expected to create the AI roadmap for the organization, provide technical guidance and align company objectives with its development plans. Generally, they are expected to work with other executives, provide technical leadership, and expertise in the field of AI technology. They must lead a cross-functional team of diverse individuals.

The average salary for a data scientist is USD 96, 491 as per PayScale.

To conclude…

AI jobs are diverse and specific to the industry. Accordingly, we find different job titles and roles. If you want to excel in your field, earning an AI certification in the respective domain like engineering, architect, programmer, and etc., would help you to stay current in the industry.

You can check certifications provided by ARTiBA, Udemy, Up Grad, Edureka, and more. The AI certification emphasizes and validates your special skills for your future employer.

Get certified today and stay ahead in the race!

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