Top 5 Issue Tracking Problems You Must Avoid

Top 5 Issue Tracking Problems You Must Avoid

Everyone is aware of the common problems that the testers encounter during the issue tracking. But some testers are not attentive and careful and they commit the same mistakes repeatedly. Even though an issue tracking tool can solve these problems, but testers must pay extra attention to this.

Keeping this scenario in mind, we are presenting a list of problems you must avoid in issue tracking.

  1. Invalid Communication Process with The Stakeholders

Sometimes there is no urgent process of gathering all the stakeholders at one place in order to discuss the issue and probable actions at least once in two weeks. This results in a colossal communication flow that perhaps turn out to be something very worse. In fact, there is an invalid communication process with the stakeholders. This sort of gathering must take place within equal intervals. As a consequence, communication could be understandable for anyone.

  1. Complexities with The Typical Bug Logging Process

There are difficulties with the typical bug logging process. the majority of the testers and the developers are still unaware of the significance of priorities and severities. You have to pay extra attention to this flaw.

  1. Skipping Statuses Is Not Good

Skipping statuses is not considered a good thing. Teams frequently forget to change the statuses and closed statuses are still exposed as the ones ready for the test. Even though it does not appear like a big deal, you will be surprised if you recapitulate all the extra time wasted because of these small errors.

  1. Issues with The Personal Mobile Devices

The issue with personal mobile devices is considered a very big problem. At times, developers and testers communicate through e-mails, texts, and calls for an issue. Perhaps, it can be solved and there won’t even be a thing regarding it in the log.

  1. Projects Don’t have A Mutual Template for Issue Tracking

Some of the projects do not even have a mutual template for issue tracking. All the testers are using something they came up on their own. Therefore. Each defect is demonstrated in a unique method which is not considered that good for the general business.

How to Solve These Problems?

You can address and resolve these problems with test automation services. It is an end to end test management tool that supports both manual and automated QA testing. It has an integrated defect management system that assists the testers to spot the issues.

Identification of bugs is simple and easy. However, managing, organizing and tracing them in one place is very difficult. This tool has a rich information format that clears your line of sight by combining your activities and arrange them in one place. Being a tester, you can record, manage and track all your testing efforts in an extremely productive user interface and attain access to all your projects at your fingertips.

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