Top 5 Best Online Grammar Checker Tools for WordPress

Top 5 Best Online Grammar Checker Tools for WordPress

Every professional writer works on the given deadline and they need to be fast-paced in their work. And, if they are under pressure then they are most likely to make mistakes. Proof-reading can be a good option to go through, but let’s make this process easier.

Sometimes, reading out loud and re-reading the article until it makes no sense to your exhausted mind is useless and time-consuming. You need to look for ways that consume less time and more effective.

The online grammar checker is what can save you from making those silly grammar mistakes. But, the umpteen numbers of grammar checkers on the internet can probably give a hard time choosing the best one.

Here are the top five best online grammar checker tools for your impeccable writing pieces integrated with WordPress.


Grammarly is the best one of all the online grammar checker and the easy-to-use tool. It can be integrated with your WordPress, doc, email, chrome and social media accounts. So, with Grammarly, you can never hit the send button with flawed English.

It is not only a spell checker but also identifies weak adjectives, missing articles, prepositions, punctuation marks, pronouns and other errors that make your writing erroneous. Furthermore, it allows you to set goals before writing. It includes, what type of tone you will use, what kind of audience you are catering to, which domain you are writing for, and your intent of writing the article.

There are more fixes that Grammarly looks into and if you want all of them then you need to switch to the premium account. Another reason for Grammarly being the best is its business account which allows from 3-100 members to use it at a time. Read Grammarly Review


Second, in the list of best online grammar checker tools is ProWritingAid. It claims to make you the smart writer which not only corrects grammatical errors but also offers style editor. You can never go wrong with prowritingaid on your side.

Besides, checking spelling errors, punctuations, and basic grammatical errors, prowritingaid takes a step further in making your writing error-free. It also looks for overused words, helps your right word concerning the context, sentence lengths, and variations.

Furthermore, it helps you in improving your writing style by giving a report on your writing style, clichés used, alliteration, plagiarism, and many others. This editing software is supported in Windows as well as Mac.

Ginger Software

Reason for Ginger software making its way in the top five online grammar checker tools is it can translate the text into 50 languages. Also, its motto to make you feel confident of what you are writing by integrating the software into Whatsapp, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media accounts is impressive.

Ginger software is designed to make your writings mistake-free. It helps in sentence rephrasing, in-built dictionary helps in building a strong vocabulary, and its text-reader feature takes proof-reading to the next level.

It is like writing with a personal trainer who pinpoints your every mistake and makes you learn from your own mistakes.

Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor is another grammar checker tool that not only gives you online but offline access too. You can use it anywhere you only require a desktop for it.

It has a colorful way of highlighting grammatical mistakes. Yellow color highlights the wordy sentences and the worsts are highlighted with red. It also helps in correcting the adverbs, passive voice and eliminating the complicated words.

You can easily format text on the Hemingway editor. Furthermore, its one-click integrations with medium and WordPress help in editing the blog while drafting it.


The last online grammar checker tool which is suitable for WordPress is jetpack. Many of us have used Jetpack as the all-in-one plugin for WordPress but it also proves to be a great tool for grammar checking and proofreading.

It is easy to use and the best thing is you don’t have to install any additional plug-ins. So, it is a plus point with Jetpack. It looks for the misused words, corrects spelling and grammar errors, and fixes style issues.

In addition to its features, Jetpack also checks for double negatives, offensive language, and hidden verbs while proofreading the content.

Final Words

No matter if you are a naïve writer or a proficient one; these grammar checker tools will always give an edge to your writing. The above-mentioned tools are all best in their ways all you need to do is pick the one most suitable for you and make your writings perfect using it.

I had read a Prowritingaid review article on the vowelor website and since then it has been my mentor for writing. It is the best tool to learn English grammar from and also much easier to use.

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