Top 8 Industrial Artificial Intelligence Or AI Applications

Top 8 Industrial Artificial Intelligence Or AI Applications

There are several AI development companies; who are equipped enough to craft unique solutions and apps which help you to perform your daily business tasks easily and effectively. AI is a branch of computer science, but today there is no field which is left unaffected by this technology. As an entrepreneur, it is significant for you to understand how this technology is shaping the business world. So, in order to give you a glimpse of the same.

Let’s explore the list of top eight industrial AI applications, which is as follows:

  1. Banking & Finance: With the help of AI you can develop advanced robots and machines that are much quicker in analyzing market data and forecasting change in stock trends. They can even use algorithms to offer solutions to the simple problems of clients. In addition, banks are using AI applications to keep a track of their customer base, addressing their needs, suggesting them about different schemes, etc. This technology is also helping in identifying fraudulent transactions.
  1. Online Retail Stores: Most of the people like to shop online through different websites and apps. AI technology is being used to help customers suggest what to purchase depending upon their past purchases or items present in the search box. Chatbots are also used for seeking guidance to solve customers’ queries. In future, it is believed that AI will make shopping much more personal for the customers and convenient for the retailers.
  1. Healthcare: Doctors and other medical professionals are using AI technology for effective diagnosis and treatment procedures. This reduces the costs because there’s no need to use multiple types of equipments or machines. For example, IBM has developed an artificial intelligence application called Watson. This app is designed in such a way so that it is capable to suggest different kinds of treatments based on the patients’ medical history. This app is very effective and helpful for the physicians.
  1. Automobiles: AI is being extensively used in the automobile industry. For example, there are several AI development companies who develops products which facilitate self-parking, voice recognition, detecting a collision, navigation, and blind spot monitoring. All these solutions make the car an assistant to its owner and teach him/her the different ways of a safe driving. In future; it is believed that soon a day will come when a person will call his car and it will reach there on its own using navigation and by tracking the location of the person. There is work going on developing a fully automated transport system that will use levitation for the commute.
  1. Manufacturing: The manufacturing industry is using AI technology from the very beginning. There are robots which have been developed through AI technology and are capable to work in the factories. These robots are equipped to assemble different parts and then pack them without requiring any manual help. These robotic parts help factory workers in the tasks right from gathering raw materials to the shipping of final products. In future, it is expected that complicated goods like automobiles and electronic goods will be manufactured with the help of robots.
  1. Gaming & Entertainment: Use of AI technology is quite popular in entertainment and gaming industry. There are several games such as Middle Earth and Far Cry which are built by using this technology. These games are known for imparting personalities to the characters and perform tasks such as finding objects, shooting, and others. Apart from this, there are special apps for listening to music and viewing movies. These apps automatically recommend users to view or listen to a certain piece of creation based on their decisions made in the past.
  1. Smartphones: The most common type of AI application can be seen in the mobile devices in the form of Virtual Personal Assistants. For instance, Siri, Google Now and Cortana are some of the most popular forms of digital assistants found in Android, iOS and Windows phones. These virtual assistants will answer all your questions. These apps gather information in order to interpret what is being asked by the user and then the demanded information is pulled out to suit the user’s preferences.
  1. Online Customer Service: Nowadays, most of the websites provide users with the facility to chat with their representative in case of a query or grievances. However, most of the times; these representatives aren’t humans but Chatbots. These Chatbots are properly trained to respond and extract the required knowledge from the site and offer it to the customers. These bots use natural language processing to decode the customers’ query by focusing on the keywords. After that, they give a response by fetching the required data.

The sole aim of AI is to teach the machines as intelligently and logically as humans. This technology is spreading in all the fields and industries. If you belong to one of these fields and want to develop an exceptional software or app to increase the bottom line of your business, get in touch with a seasoned custom software development company with a wealth of experience in building excellent AI solutions.

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