Top Reasons Why iOS Apps are Released First Before the Android

Top Reasons Why iOS Apps are Released First Before the Android

Ever since two giant mobile OS launched, Android & iOS the battle between both is going head to head. Android was launched on 23 September 2008 whereas iOS was first launched on 29 June 2007. No doubt, the Android has taken over the complete market share, nearly 75% of the world mobile market share but despite the fact in terms of the mobile app launch, it’s the iOS which wins the competition.

Mobile OS Share Worldwide


Here in this post, I have covered some important points which make the iOS platform as the first choice for mobile application development.

iPhone apps are more profitable and well monetized

iOS OS primary market share is in countries like the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia. All these countries have high per capita income. So people in these countries are more likely to buy apps for money and moreover, they do not hesitate to pay for additional features.

Mobile OS Share in Australia


Mobile OS Share in Canada


Mobile OS Share in UK


Mobile OS Share in US


As per the latest article by the Economic Times, Apple’s App Store accounted for about 64% of revenue generated by both stores, Google Play store & Apple app store respectively last quarter, with user spending approx $12.4 billion globally.

App Revenue from Respective Stores

Reference: Sensor Towers

We all know that Android-based smartphones are budget devices and available to a wide range of people around the world. People buying budget smartphones do not show interest in high specifications and are not ready to spend bucks on apps. There is a specific group of people who use a smartphone only for calls and sending messages.

iOS has a lot of advantages not only economically, but also from a technical point of view. For the top-rated iOS app development companies, it is cheaper and easier to create an iPhone app than for its competitor, Android.

Lesser Fragmentation in iOS

iOS has a limited number of devices with the latest model being iPhone XR, iPhone XS/XS Max & iPhone X whereas Android has a lot of devices ranging from different vendors likewise Samsung, Sony, HTC, Vivo, Oppo and many more. So developing an app and testing the same app consumes more time in case of the Android OS. Also, the chances of getting bugs are more in Android compared to iOS.

iOS devices use current software

One of the main reason why app developers prefer developing an app on the iOS platform first compared to the Android OS is that iOS devices use the current version of the software. App developers reach more users by developing an app for iOS compared to Android. Below stats will make the picture more clear about iOS OS version market share and Android OS version market share.

Android OS Version Share


iOS OS Version Share


You will notice that more than half the number of people are using the latest version of iOS software whereas in case of Android there are still few people who are even today using Android 5th version of OS. Android 5th version, Lollipop was first released in 2014.  So when developing an app on Android OS, the app developer has to consider the older version of OS also.

Firmware hacking is difficult in case of iOS

Hack the firmware of the particular smartphone to get unrestricted access to the root file system is favored more by the Android users. Root-rights not only enable you to bypass system barriers but also negatively affect the operation of a device. Whether your app will launch well on such devices is a big question.

As of the year 2017, 27.44% of Android users are using rooted devices. iOS devices with jailbreak also exist, but their share is quickly decreasing: the OS is becoming more open and functional, reducing the need to perform a jailbreak.

iOS-based apps considered better than Android

Owners of Android devices are more careful when choosing applications. They always prefer to test the demo version of an app before purchasing the app. Moreover, the Google Play store has low-quality apps compared to the Apple App store. The reason behind the low-quality apps more in the Google Play store is the policy of moderation. Google play store automatically review the app within a few hours whereas Apple store checks the app manually. This process eliminates the chances of getting broken apps published in the store.

iOS is more secure

As per the report by Norton, iOS is considered more secured as compared to the Android devices. iOS is a closed OS system. Apple generally doesn’t release its source code to the app developers. Moreover, the owners of iPads  & iPhones can’t modify the code easily of themselves. It makes it more difficult for hackers to find loopholes on iOS-based devices. Android smartphone is the opposite, based on open-source code, meaning that the owners of these smartphones can tinker with their device OS.


In spite of the fact, Android holds up a higher market share compared to iOS but because of few complexities, less revenue developer always first releases an app on iOS than on the Android. Popular apps like WhatsApp, TikTokm, PubG and many more, they receive any latest update first on the iOS and later on the Android.

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