TSplus Software Satisfaction Survey

TSplus Software Satisfaction Survey

The 570 clients who addressed the review were situated in 35 distinct nations. 25% of the members were from Europe, 9% from the USA/Canada Region. All others were from Latin America, Asia and Australia.

An enormous portion of the respondents were TSplus end clients in a wide range of market fragment: from Architecture to the Government, through Religion and Engineering areas. TSplus has been likewise satisfied to get criticism from TSplus Resellers, System Integrators and Partners.

TSplus clients are glad!

Quite possibly the most remunerating results from the review was to find that more than 77% of the members announced that TSplus has surpassed their assumptions, 69% will prescribe TSplus to a companion or to a business partner and 9% were exceptionally fulfilled. These measurements unmistakably shows the TSplus added worth and it reflects TSplus obligation to offer the best overall Citrix elective.

The study is likewise examining a few parts of TSplus utilization designs :

TSplus Enterprise Edition (full item) is the most famous one (37%), firmly followed by the Mobile Web Edition (28%).

A large portion of the clients are utilizing a Windows PC to far off interface with TSplus (94%), however a considerable lot of those clients are likewise satisfied to utilize a tablet or a Smartphone (48%). This outcome underlines the TSplus Web Application Portal advantage, which empowers new strategic approaches: Mobility, Web Access and opportunity to work distantly from home or while voyaging.There is a little inclination for the Remote Desktop association (40%) yet a large portion of the clients are interfacing detachedly with each conceivable TSplus mode (RemoteApp or HTML5).The large dominant part of the clients appraised the TSplus Support benefits as “excellent” or “great” (89%).The nature of the online substance (recordings, documentation..) has been appraised as “generally excellent” or “great” (81%).While the study is intended to distinguish the territories where TSplus should be improved, these positive criticisms re-implement TSplus confidence in the prerequisite to support its venture to improve the nature of conveyed item and administrations.

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