Types of Vivo Mobile Phones 2020

Types of Vivo Mobile Phones 2020

Vivo as we all know is a Chinese multinational company that had operations only in and around mainland China. It started its smartphone business in 2011 and was found successful. Vivo entered India in 2014, and with its design and technology it found its place in the Indian market. Vivo is owned by BBK electronics, which also owns other smartphone brands such as Oppo, Realme and OnePlus. Vivo’s growth in the smartphone industry has been tremendous, also that it replaced Samsung to be Second largest smartphone company in India after Xiaomi, which quite frankly is not a shocker when viewed with its wide range of tech innovations at a limited price.

Coronavirus launch has affected various tech industry launch, since most of them are manufactured in china, this has impacted the industry. Due to the cancellation of tech show serval mobiles including Vivo’s new smartphone has met with a delay. Vivo’s official statement also was that it pulled out from MWC 2020, which was a disappointment. But amidst the hardships vivo has planned to launch its V19 and V19 in the month of march. So, we have at least one thing to be happy about.

Smartphones have been a major part of everyone’s routine now than ever before is a known fact. And it has also proven to be a successful business front. Vivo was ranked among top 10 smartphones in a survey conducted globally. Vivo has also been title sponsor of FIFA and Indian premier league. It became popular with Indian smartphone market and the rest is history.

New technology

If you look closely into each new model of vivo smartphones, you’ll find at least one technology incorporated in it. And that’s what made the vivo smartphones most sold and most bought by people nowadays. Be it the colour or the designs or the technology used each model has something new in it. Let us dive deep into Vivo Smartphones for now.

Vivo Mobiles

Vivo smartphones are known for their dreamy design with high end specifications, camera and battery at an affordable price. If you ask me, I’d say this is also the one of the main reasons for its success. With vivo being proceeding with 10-15 new launches with power packed processors and RAM it is what we all buy.

Vivo V17

One of the latest mobiles by vivo is V17, it has iView display, in which you can view and explore a whole new world with its clear as real display. It also has a super night camera in front and back, with which you can take amazing pictures even at night. It also showcases a punch hole display that speaks for itself, it also features an Amoled display, a delight for your eyes, that can spoil you for normal displays. Your phone can stay juiced up all day long, and it can also recharge in the blink of an eye. This phone is built for gaming and much more.

Vivo S1 pro

Another one of the latest models is Vivo S1 pro, it broke the conventional camera design and displays a diamond design, featuring an 8GB RAM and 128 GB ROM it comes with a power packed processor which ensures smooth performance and hassle-free experience. Its stylish design and dreamy pastel design are one of a kind, and the best part is that it comes under budget. You can definitely go for this mobile.

Vivo V17 Pro

There is this vivo V17 pro, comes with dual popup camera, a gorilla glass front with Amoled display similar to its counterparts, it also features 8GB Ram with 128 Rom, offers Quad Cam with in display fingerprint sensor. This is a stunning smartphone with exceptional features and to say a phone that fits a king.

This is all about vivo smartphones, how it came to Indian market and almost ruling it, if I were a competitor, I’d definitely keep an eye on it.

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