Why Should you Buy UberEats Clone for Your Food Delivery Business after Covid 19?

Why Should you Buy UberEats Clone for Your Food Delivery Business after Covid 19?

Online food delivery apps are, at present, top-rated when it comes to demand. Many restaurants are embracing these food delivery apps to optimize their business greatly. Entrepreneurs are as well enchanted by the potential of these on-demand delivery mobile applications. They are among the advanced technological products that aim to battle the menace of the novel coronavirus.

In addition to providing food delivery right to people’s doorsteps, these apps help startups enhance their profits by optimising customer services. Some notable examples include UberEats, Grubhub and iFood. Let us now see what the important features of such an on-demand food delivery app solution are.

We will begin discussing everything by speaking about the 4 major panels of these delivery app solutions.

Customer Panel

The most vital constituent of the food delivery app is developed by giving importance to the end customer’s needs. It helps in displaying the list of all restaurants to the user base. It also includes the reviews fed in by other customers. The users can also view their present and previous orders made. Other noteworthy features include Favorites and Payments where the former will display the restaurants to which frequent orders were placed. Online payment gateways are integrated to provide customers with many options to make online payments.

Manager Panel

Built for the restaurant managers, this panel features a ‘Favorites’ section, which will help them add food items added continuously in the customizable list. The ‘Foods’ section integrated is a dedicated list of menu, reviews, nutritional values, and more information regarding the food items. Additional noteworthy features include media management and the ‘Payments’ section making use of which the manager can view the payment history of all the delivery personnel and the drivers.

Delivery Person Panel

Developed for the delivery personnel, this panel will help in creating profiles for the delivery people post-registration. Using the ‘Favorites’ list, they will add eateries from which deliverables happen consistently. Ratings and reviews can be keyed in for eateries. The ‘Orders’ section will display the status of the order in real-time. It also comes packed with contact details in case of emergency. In short, they can use the app with relative ease.

Admin Panel

This is an interactive dashboard that offered a wealth of information related to all the orders and deliveries. The admin will create a list containing the most famous eateries for the app user based on the feedback and order frequency.

The order management feature will help the admin get insight into orders and manage info like the delivery address, the delivery person’s details, and much more. The admin can integrate HD photos of food items to the app and get much understanding related to the payment. The admin can also change the app’s theme should the need arise.

This summed up everything that comes as essential components of a successful food delivery app solution. Now, as an entrepreneur, you are ready to get an UberEats clone solution developed for your business, then continue reading ahead.

Advantages of On-demand Restaurant Delivery Apps

Minimized Operational Costs

The food delivery app will greatly minimize overheads and operational costs. You can concentrate on other important work as the app will take care of customer support, payment management and order management.

Enhanced Customer Services

The on-demand app’s customer services can be optimized via several features like round the clock support, instant chat and order tracking features. People can make orders with relative ease and get them delivered right at their doorsteps. This will serve to enthral more customers for sure.

Grab Opportunities

With the app showing its potential as a powerful and cost-effective marketing tool, it can be expanded further via the mobile platform. The sales can be optimized thanks to a robust customer base. In short, it has everything needed to captivate a big audience.

Gaining the Edge in competition

You can turn the tide of the battles with your competitors to make way for optimized services and a mobile app free from flaws. In short make way for what is called a dedicated mobile app.

Smooth Order Management

With the food delivery app, the orders can be safely taken care of where the admin will connect the manager, the delivery personnel, and the end-users. This happens when the order is being tracked. It will make sure to go by its promise of ascertaining on-time delivery and everything related to order management seamlessly. 


Food delivery apps are a great boon to the hospitality sector where you can venture into new areas and optimise the services and captivate the attention of more people towards your business. UberEats clone apps and other feature-rich restaurant food delivery solutions will help you scale up the ranks and attain supremacy in the food delivery business domain. Get in touch with a renowned mobile app developer like Uberdoo to add worth to your idea and leverage every found opportunity.

The UberEats Clone script that we have developed will serve to accomplish exactly that and to know more visit us at Uberdoo.com.

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