Unlock The Potential Of Augmented Reality Trends For Your Brand

Unlock The Potential Of Augmented Reality Trends For Your Brand

We all know Augmented reality was the talk of the town in 2019. And with such an engaging commercial growth, AR has positioned itself as the industry leader.

Many big tech giants like Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google are committed to make an advancement with AR.

It is expected that by 2020, there will 1.5 Billion AR-supporting mobile devices globally.

It is eventually a very promising aspect, and to help this stat turn into a real-time picture, there are many new AR trends going to rock the world.

To help you get a quick sneak peek of the upcoming AR trends, we’ve brought this post here for you today.

So get hooked to this post, and find out the most engaging trends that will change the face of Augmented Reality in the year 2020 and beyond…

Gaming industry & AR

The highly popular Pokemon-Go has raised the expectations high of gamers and yearned for more. As most of us, firstly experienced AR for the first time in gaming only. This indeed helped us to unleash a better and engaging richer experience.

However, with the AR gaming, there will be much more to be experienced, that will create a better user experience for the users.

Smartglasses for clear vision

In the year 2019, we have seen a few connected eyewear, but this year, we are going to experience a massive range of devices. And something more surprising that is going to come up is that bigger fashion brands are likely to invest in it. So get ready to pull off some of the most trending high-street brands to show their masterpieces.

AR headsets for immersive experience

The highly popular HoloLens has seen its invasion in the construction and army. Now AR is all set to take the big bite out of the trend and will fit the demands of various industries. This will help industries to upskilling of their workforce, and provide better results.

Hearbables to deliver audio AR

In the year 2020, hearables will scale higher and lead the AR industry. As we know that wearables are already in demand, and with hearables, user-experience would only reach to another level.

A wearing tech will enhance the digital experience and will help the users to a great extent.

Social AR filters

The world of social media is extremely immersive. And it goes without saying, the engagement caused by the social filters is beyond expressions.

With the help of AR social filters, users can enhance their experience. Such filters will help in shifting focus to body filters. Also, Body AR templates will increase the special effects. And, supercharge the videos, where users can dance with characters, throw fireballs and much more.

AR for the Healthcare System

Do you know that AR is an excellent market for healthcare systems?

The medical system has experienced technological advancements at the best, and there are many steps to be taken further.

AR in healthcare is expected to grow by 38% annually by 2025!

It clearly indicates that AR will certainly reach out to a new level, as the time will grow.

In the current spectrum, AR technologies are used in multiple healthcare fields, such as:

  • Knowledge system for Patient and doctor
  • Surgical training and visualization
  • Disease diagnosis
  • Physical therapy

Further, AR helps in visualizing and simulating vital processes of the human organs and predict the better diagnosis of the difficult cases.

With the help of AR, many new inventions and medical treatments have taken into place, helping to break the mystery of many diseases.

Augmented Reality for immersive shopping

AR-enabled shopping is going to be a fast-track trend of 2021, and the retail market is going to take the maximum benefit out of it.

The constant surge in mobile devices has allowed the users to invest their time taking the benefits of trending technologies. And here AR is scaling higher, as the number of retailers and customers are picking this technology.

With the help of AR shopping, it becomes an easy task for retailers to engage their customers and encourage them to shop further.

AR for marketing

With the advent of Facebook’s AR ads in the News Feed and Instagram’s launch of Spark AR Filters much more is likely to come. It is expected that 2020 will bring the flood of AR advertising. With this strategy, more number of ad networks and ad formats become available. Also, this new AR format will enhance the user experience.

Future of Augmented Reality

And this growth will continue to flourish immensely. This is all about the bright future Augmented Reality, and it certainly there will be more engaging coming.

Pull your socks, and keep a check at this space for more engagement to come your way.

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