Tips To Improve User Engagement in Your eCommerce Mobile App

Tips To Improve User Engagement in Your eCommerce Mobile App

Worried about lower user retention rates & average user engagement? Fret not! Here are some curated tips might just help you to improve user interaction in your Mobile application.

Tips to Improve Engagement in your eCommerce Mobile App

Take full advantage of the App Onboarding Process

Most customers decide whether to keep an app on their mobile phone within the first week of app installation.

A key factor to the success of your eCommerce mobile app is its ability to attract your users in the first four-to-seven days period.

According to recent studies, a seamless app onboarding experience can improve customer engagement by almost 50%.

Here are some tips to make the most of app onboarding process:

  • Showcase the value of your mobile app –Highlight the main features & associated benefits of your eCommerce mobile application to users.
  • Respect the users’ time – Make the app onboarding as quick & efficient as possible.
  • Teach main functions to users – Gamify the user experience by teaching your customers the main functions of your app via interactive videos or simple tutorials.
  • Call to Action – End the onboarding process with a catch-phrase so that users can stick to your app.

Incorporate Customized & Relevant Push Notifications

Push notifications tend to have a positive impact on app retention. Leading reports suggest that there is a 30% increase in app retention by those customers who click on push notifications.

However, there is a flip side – Almost 50% of users feel that notifications are irritating. So, what’s the solution?

Personalization of Push Notifications!

Your Ecommerce mobile app should only send notifications that are relevant to the users. This can be easily done by leveraging the data of customer analytics that include product viewing times, user sessions, returning customer rates & more!

Personalizing push notifications will not only attract users’ attention but also make them realize that you value their association with your eCommerce business. So naturally, they’ll stick to your brand which will eventually help you to improve customer engagement.

Leverage Mobile Deep Linking

Mobile deep linking is the simple process of integrating smart banners, links of product collections & specific product pages as well as deals & discounts pages.

This is done so that you can direct the users to designated pages to effectively showcase your products, deals & discounts. This can be easily done in a mobile app which will help you to improve user engagement.

These are some tips that you can use in your eCommerce Mobile Application to improve user engagement.

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