Uses of Latest Tally GST Software for Small Business

Uses of Latest Tally GST Software for Small Business

Tally is the most reliable and popular GST software amongst business people over the years. The Tally GST software follows all the rules and regulations laid down by the government regarding GST and taxation. Moreover, it is simple to use and help businesses generate transaction invoices as GST per the format.

In the latest Tally software, you can carry out all the manual functions automatically. It is mainly time-consuming and reduces any manual calculation on the way. Users can easily download the trial version for free to check out all the features and buy them as per the need.

The latest Tally GST Software is the Tally.ERP 9 Release 6.5.4, which was launched on 28th Aug 2019. It has multiple updated features and benefits for all the small scale businesses.

Let’s take a look at the uses of the Tally GST Software.

Uses of Latest Tally GST Software for Small Business

1. GST Annual Computation report to view the values as per books

The GST software will help you save time and manual effort by providing you with a detailed report that contains all the transactional information, as stated in the books. All this information can then be used to find out the inconsistency, and help you fill out the GSTR-9 form accurately.

2. Support for GST CMP-08

The tally GST Software now supports the GST CMP-08, and you can now generate the report quickly and hassle-free. You can print the report as a word document that contains the details of turnover and tax values of outward and inward supplies on which tax is payable.

3. Manage e-Way Bills

The newly introduced series 6 in the latest update, as soon as you generate an invoice before transporting goods. Tally ERP 9 will gather all the details automatically and capture the e-way bill. It is useful as you do not need to re-enter the information on the portal again. The E-way bill portal has an option to input the file, which you can derive by exporting the format in JSON format.

4. Automatic Calculation of Invoice Amounts

Small business has more manual intervention than large scale business. They tend to calculate all the invoices manually than using any software. But with the introduction of Tally GST Software, small businesses too can easily take help and carry out there automatically.

Just open the software and create a Round off Ledger and select Invoice Rounding as the type of ledger. While you are creating the round-off and selecting the Invoice rounding, the Tally ERP 9 software automatically calculates the difference value.

5. Generate Tax Returns in PDF’s

The new version of the Tally software can help small business owners generate tax returns in PDF formats. It will make things easier and be used as a reference while you are filling out your tax returns. Many a time, the information and the details are inputted wrongly while filing the return, this PDF file would thus be of great help.

6. Automatic error detection and Prevention

Tally ERP 9 latest updates make sure that all the errors are prevented while generating the GST bills in TallyTally. There are chances that either you may have entered the data wrong or the GST Number of a company. It may result in an unknown error that is analyzed internally by the Tally software. Not only this, it will further assist you in correcting those data or transactions. Hence, it will save an immense amount of time as you will not have to check tons of data yourself manually.

7. Remote access feature in TallyTally

All Small Businesses require minimum wastage of time and instant access to data to consume time and money. Well, the latest version of Tally GST Software provides you with remote access to your accounts. You can easily download the software on your mobile phones and get all the updates on your transactions, sales, bills, etc. from anywhere. Not only this, keeping everything in mind, if you have a lack of internet connection in any area, all the details can be sent over SMS remotely.

8. Banking Support Overall

The new Tally software provides complete banking support to small businesses. It supports over 100’s of banks for auto bank reconciliation. It means you can manage all the digital banking activities such as e-banking and other transaction through Tally, including printing of cheques.


There are many more such uses which you can go through on the official website of the Tally Solutions. As of now, the update is stable and has incredible features, as mentioned.

It has helped not only large scale businesses but also small businesses overall. The most important aspect being the remote access of the accounts has brought more comfort to the enterprises and made things comfortable for the business owners to keep everything on track even while traveling.

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