Ways in Which Technology Positively Impacted on the LGBTQIA Community?

Ways in Which Technology Positively Impacted on the LGBTQIA Community?

The reason that we need to celebrate the Pride month in the month of June makes us realize how far have we moved from this community. Many people across the world are rarely aware of the LGBTQIA community at all. People still differentiate between the LGBTQIA community and the rest of the population considering that they are not with counting in a population of males or females in the world.

Technology is something which is never going to end, in fact, it is going to increase day by day. There will be no end to technology and it will surprisingly increase over the period of time. But this time we will talk about how the LGBTQIA community is being helped by the new technology. We need to look at technology from a different perspective all together to understand how the technology is working for the LGBTQIA community.

Technology Enhances Safety

There have been past records where the member of the LGBTQIA community had were tortured and bullied in public spaces. There is no looking back to such instances with the availability of the technology. The new technologies which have been found for safety purposes are really helpful for the LGBTQIA community. Some of the technologies in applications are indicatively only towards the LGBTQIA community and keeping in mind their security purposes.

On the other hand, some apps are stepping a few steps backward, like Tinder is a latest dating application that prohibits the other genders and the other sexual preferences not to be apart of the application.

Promoting Non-Marginalising

There are some technology and some applications which allow the unaware people to be aware of the LGBTQIA+ community. It is good to be a free mind to read and know more about sexuality properly and what could be the result of certain actions.

There is a dedicated application for the people to get educated about the LGBTQIA which will abstain from asking foolish questions about the pride community. This would make everyone very accepting and acknowledge what kind of sex preference they have. Such applications help you grow more in mind and maturity to be more sensitive towards the LGBTQIA community.

But even now, there is not even a large number of job opportunity, hence one platform which does no discrimination is the wealth matrix also they can earn well from this site. They can start earning from such applications which will help them live a better life.

Technology Helps the LGBTQIA to Create a Community

This the best technology which will help all the LGBTQIA+ community to find each other. It is important because the LGBTQIA community people who stay in small villages or rural areas will be able to find out the other members of the same community and get connected to them easily.

This is the group that will come out to reach out to the ones who need the help of the same community because often others refuse to help people belonging to the LGBTQIA community. It also offers a safe and secure platform to the people who are of this community to talk and discuss freely without being judged or being bullied.

Provides Visual Representations

We like to see ourselves positively and we also like to be motivated, then why not the LGBTQIA community. Even they want to be felt special and great about their existence, their existence must matter. Many of the technologies are making themselves LGBTQIA friendly. Some applications are also thinking of emojis and GIF for the LGBTQIA communities. Some of the applications have already started to use it while some are yet to plan on it.

Facebook has already introduced the rainbow flag in the pride month so did Instagram.


Certainly, technology has always helped human beings and has made our lives easier but on the other hand, the LGBTQIA+ community has been especially helped by new technology. If you notice very carefully almost in all digital platform you will find three options, “male”, “female”, “others”.

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