What Is Coaxial Cable and How Is It Used

What Is Coaxial Cable and How Is It Used

The modern-day era is indispensable without technology. This requires a safe and reliable medium for the transmission of signals. Coaxial cable is also referred to as coax. It is a type of cable used in networks. It was invented by English engineer and mathematician Oliver Heaviside in 1880.

Coaxial cable being a conventional cable is still widely used as a network cable. Coaxial cable has a central core conductor of either copper or thin conducting wire enclosed in an insulating sheath. The insulating sheath covers the solid wire. This insulating sheath constitutes a dielectric outer conductor of metal foil which is enclosed in the insulating sheath then covers the whole structure. It shields against noise disturbance. Because of its strong shielded property coaxial cables carry greater cable lengths.it ensures the safe transmission of signals by preventing cross-talk and signal disruptions. Coaxial cables weigh heavy as compared to optic fiber however there’s the outer structure is protected by a plastic covering that reduces interference. Both The cylinders and wire are on the same axis hence the name coaxial.

The Transmission Speed Of Coaxial Cable

Transmission speed ranges from 200 million bits per second to more than 500 million bits per second.

What Type Of Signals Does Coaxial Cable Carry?

A coaxial cable carries a radio frequency signal.

RG Cable

Coaxial cable is categorized by their Radio Government ( rating RG). Each RG number denotes a unique set of specifications that align coaxial cable. Greater RG value refers to the thinner conducting core. RG6, RG11, RG-56 are the most common RG cables in the electronic market.

For example, RG-59 not being quite effective to carry large signals is used in connecting VCR to a TV. However, RG-6 has more bandwidth than RG-59, buyers interested in good cable internet service should buy this coaxial cable.

Do You Know What Coaxial Cable Bulk?

RG-6 is known as coaxial cable bulk. It is commonly used in television cables. Coaxial cable bulk can work efficiently by installing it with its compatible connector. There are several connectors for RG-6 such as F-connector or BNC connector.

Invest In Best Quality Coaxial Cable

If you are looking for the best quality coaxial cable then RG-11 is definitely for you.it has a thicker build as compared to RG-59 and RG-6. This makes it easier for signals to be transmitted over long distances. Good connection of RG-11 depends on how correctly its connector is connected.

Types of coaxial cable

  • There are two versions of coaxial cables
  • Thinnet is also known as IEEE 10BASE2. It uses baseband transmission.
  • Thicknet is also known as IEEE 10BASES Used in Ethernet networks
  • There are numerous classifications of coaxial cable depending upon the protective sheath and diameter


Coaxial cables are more likely used in ethernet connections and cable television. Tv has become a communication system sharing of information from in place to see many distant places the tv in per home is comprised of coaxial cable that convey us with quality signals without any intervention

They are used in automobiles as well as medical pieces of equipment. Complicated Coaxial cables are used in avionics.Sometimes they are used for signal transmission in telephones. Coaxial cables are used in radio transmitters. They are widely used in ethernet connection


Various inevitable losses such as resistive loss and dielectric loss are generated align coaxial cable. These power losses are termed attenuation. A variety of power losses can occur in Coaxial cables.

Advantages of coaxial cable

  • Coaxial cables are cost-effective and easily available in the electronic market
  • Carry both analog and digital signals
  • It carries high bandwidth levels
  • It has easy installation
  • Coax carry signals of high frequency than twisted pair cable

Coax connectors

After you buy coaxial cable, you need to invest in a connector that is well-matched with your cable. It might be perplexing to choose the correct type depending upon the media used in coaxial cable. Male and female versions are present for each type of connector. Connecters may range from single to complex combinations. BNC is a common type of coax connector. It helps smooth the modulation of signals.

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