Why Enterprise IT require Mobility Management Solutions

Why Enterprise IT require Mobility Management Solutions

The mobile gadgets are the most preferred mode of accessing enterprise data, internet, and personalized information. The whole market of smartphone and digital gadgets has deluge of devices and developers are making different apps for these devices. Maintaining and handling these devices is turning into a nightmare for enterprise mobility solutions and IT since the devices come with security and access related issues. For instance, when users are making their personal devices to work, they are bringing in their own network. Employees are able to create a wireless hotspot with personal devices, and by tethering technology and more other devices that they can put corporate details and data at risk.

This generates the need of framing IT policies for network access and if it happens, the mobile devices will become part of security issue for enterprises. For managing the range of devices, apps, and information in their enterprise, companies or organizations have to follow MACDAC strategy; i.e. Manage, Analyze, and Control the Devices, Apps, and Content.

Major challenges faced by enterprises, end users, and IT departments in industry

  • Mobilization of the business for maximum reach
  • Strategizing mobility roadmap
  • Controlling and managing applications
  • Ownership cost
  • Multiplicity of mobile platforms
  • Mobilization of corporate apps for better productivity
  • Apps provisioning, governance and support
  • Statistics and reports for business roadmap
  • Right users, right data, right apps
  • Operational and maintenance costs

How the issue of security can be solved?

The solution to the problem lies in capability to handle and manage application, device, and content inside the enterprise. This is where experts will take help of enterprise mobility. Enterprise mobility solutions are usually available by name of EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) solutions.

Since each business has different products and needs, the mobile enablement requirements varies as well. To match every need and meet standards, entrepreneurs need a custom EMM design.

What if business requirements to be made on the basis of only ‘D’, ‘A’, or ‘C’?

You should know that market is offering four key designs of EMM solutions-

  • Mobile Device Management or MDM
  • Mobile App management or MAM
  • Mobile Content management or MCM
  • Bring your own device or BYOD

The entire decision can be taken by the enterprise to select one from the above four.

How to choose the correct option- the next big question!

As device management skills are still much needed for most organizations, Enterprise Mobility Solutions can be helpful to organizations in managing and securing vast variety of connected endpoints. There are special keynotes that going to take you to the right path and empowering you to take better and sound decision of choosing correct EMM tool for your business.

  • Put your present needs front and center

You need to align the features and capabilities of the platform to the requirements of the organization. It can include the types of corporate apps users typically work with, security and regulatory compliance requirements of the company, type of network and service management features needed, mobile OS type available for use, level of reporting capabilities requirement, etc.

Choosing the correct platform is not offering most features only, it is also helping in acquiring them as per the organization requirements.

  • Don’t forget about user experience

It is crucial to know how an EMM platform works with distinct range of mobile devices prior vastly rolling out a system inside the enterprise. If you pick the wrong EMM solution, it will make the platform more complex to use for employees or it will interfere with their accustomed ways of operating mobile. If you think they will be happy with the change then forget it!

Consider the employee experience because a bad EMM experience will only bring loss.

  • Remember the role played by mobile apps

The mobile ecosystem is just not limited to devices. It is the business app(s) that delivers the real value to mobile users and the organization as a whole. Mobile app management features and capabilities of EMM platform are critical to consider.

EMM market is driven by the mobile apps; undoubtedly, mobile apps play major role in making the employees realize about productivity efficiencies.

Symptoms of a bad or wrong Enterprise mobility solutions

  • Employees of the enterprise have to carry two devices – for personal use, and other is for professional use to ensure that their personal and enterprise data remain at right place.
  • MDM is typically ideal for enterprise owned devices as it regulates the device as a whole which may be unacceptable for BYOD and for B2C.
  • MDM is unsuitable for scenarios and situations where enterprise policy or rule has to be applied on particular apps or specific app data.

Apart from these great tips, a reliable Enterprise mobility solutions providing company is the place where you will find all your answers related to EMM solutions. Find them online and talk about your requirements.

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