The A2 War – The Winner Takes It All

The A2 War – The Winner Takes It All

Giants in their own right, a name recognized in every household from the child to an adult, Google and Apple are both unique in their own ways.

While Apple designs products that no one ever imagined they would need but today cannot do without, Google takes on projects that no one in the world even thinks of.

Therefore it was only a matter of time before the two giants came head to head in a bid to finish the race at the top. Historically Apple has been the crowned king as far as the share market has been concerned. Developments started occurring when Google, slowly but surely like the tortoise, crept up on the hare in the last few months.

They say a name can change your life. Shake ups in the share market started happening when Google restructured itself and changed its name to Alphabet. Since then, although their products have remained the same, their cap has risen to an estimated $200 billion, thereby increasing its value twofold. The astonishing thing is that Google aka Alphabet are just doing what they have been doing,  slowly and steadily generating billions of dollars annually.

In the last six months newspapers carried articles on how Alphabet may take over the crown from Apple, which it did earlier this year but settled back to No. 2. Google’s shares have been advancing slowly since mid February whilst Apple’s were coming down. This gradual rise has slowly increased the growth gap between the two companies that it was inevitable that Alphabet/Google became the biggest company in the world.

Wall Street and Silicon Valley now have a new king, Alphabet who gently took away the torch from Apple on Thursday. At the moment they are running with the torch held high. Whether they will continue holding it in the forthcoming future is debatable but at the moment they are the winners.

Apple is bigger than Alphabet and brings in more revenue at the end of the day than Alphabet so it may be that they will bounce back as they have done previously. For the moment though it seems Alphabet is set to reign as the world’s most valuable publicly traded company. The share market gurus say that it is only a matter of time before the Alphabet takes the crown for good. Time will tell as to who the winner eventually is, Apple or Alphabet.

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