WordPress Hosting Guide: Types And How To Choose

WordPress Hosting Guide: Types And How To Choose

After finalizing the name of your website, the next thing is to get the right host to manage it efficiently. With millions of active sites over the Internet, there are countless web hosting companies claiming to provide customers with the best hosting services. For your website, WordPress hosting is the perfect option to choose. It is because WordPress is a reliable and the world’s most famous CMS. It allows people to handle their sites in the right way.

However, picking a WP web hosting isn’t an easy task. There are multiple hosting plans that make it difficult to decide on a useful host package. Before figuring out how to choose the Best WordPress Hosting, it is necessary to know the types of WP hosting.

Types Of WordPress Hosting

Whether it’s your business website where you just display your services or an online platform to sell your products to global clients, it is essential to pick the best WP web hosting services. They are the ones that suit your site’s requirements and allow you to manage it effectively. Below are major hosting types:

Shared Hosting

As the name suggests, it is a type of hosting where many websites share one server. Although it’s a cost-effective plan to get a host for a website, it does not provide with separate sources to one website. It has to share server resources with other websites. When a website adds more pages to it, the activity also affects other sites on the shared WP server. This a plan suitable for sites that do not require adding many pages regularly.

Managed Hosting

If you want an extremely high-speed website that is capable of handling numbers of visitors at one time, then managed WP hosting is the plan you need to get. In addition, it provides your site with enhanced security and automatic updates. It is a little costlier than shared hosting, but it comes with more useful services and technical support.

VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Servers, or VPS, hosting is a WP hosting plan to pick when your website has a high number of visitors. In this type, a server has fewer websites than shared hosting. Although there are some websites on one server, their presence doesn’t affect the security of a website. Apart from security, one can choose VPS web hosting when they require a high level of control on the site.

Dedicated Hosting

Clear from its name, dedicated hosting is a type where one website has dedicated resources to perform accurately. Sites with this WP hosting are extremely fast and feature enhanced security. In addition, they can handle numbers of visitors at one time and automatically update a site.

How To Choose The Best WordPress Hosting

Now that you are aware of different types of WP web hosting, it is time to figure out the hosting for your site. There are multiple things to take into consideration which can help you decide on the best option to choose. Below are them:

    • It is necessary to consider your website type. For example- If you have a website that needs to handle many visitors and add new pages, then pick a hosting type meets your requirements.
    • Your hosting plan must consider lots of security features. From free SSL certificate to WordPress advanced security, there must be several technical features that secure your site from all kinds of external threats.
    • Your best WP hosting plan should come with Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) support. It helps to increase your website’s Google traffic.
    • The best plan comes with support from the hosting service provider. In addition, the best web hosting company will offer you many extra perks like free WordPress theme, free WP migration, and others.

Final Words

Although there are multiple WordPress hosting types and all of them are useful, you need to consider your requirements. Compare a hosting plan with your website’s needs and pick the most suitable one for you.

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