Work with 1Digital Agency as Your Magento Development Company

Work with 1Digital Agency as Your Magento Development Company

Unless you are a computer scientist with quite a lot of time on your hands, running an eCommerce business means you’ll need to use an eCommerce platform to create your online store. There are many great options out there that offer enterprising individuals a lot of custom functionality, and of the best of these is Magento.

Magento is an open-source SAAS platform that enables its customers to create competitive eCommerce websites that offer tons of customizable features. Magento offers its users so many benefits it might seem intimidating to try to categorize them all, but if it has to do with making eCommerce work, Magento does it well.

Magento offers its customers a powerful platform that can handle hundreds of thousands of products as well as tens of thousands of orders per hour. It allows customers to build a website that offers a ton of customizable features with respect to security, content management, and filtered search capabilities. In addition, the entire platform is designed to be SEO efficient and helps to make a responsive design for mobile shoppers a reality. In addition, Magento makes it easy to integrate third-party applications like PayPal and Google Shopping into your website.

Though this is only an abbreviated representation of Magento’s capabilities, features and functionality like these are the reason why Magento merchants experience remarkable growth overall and number in the hundreds of thousands. It’s the reason why Magento lists successful organizations like Coca-Cola and Zumiez to its customer profile.

Reasons like these might be why you choose Magento as your eCommerce platform around which you design your Magento website. You could reap all of these benefits and many more when you build an eCommerce store around Magento.

Yet all of that functionality comes at a price. Although Magento is an open-source platform with an extremely broad support community, becoming proficient with the platform and its features require a significant amount of experience and familiarity. That’s why you should hire a Magento Development Company to help you get your Magento website off the ground, and as successful as possible, as quickly as possible.

Choose 1Digital Agency to help with your Magento development services and you will be getting the years of experience designing successful Magento stores, and the technical expertise necessary, to create a successful Magento website for your online business.

1Digital Agency has almost a decade of experience designing Magento websites and providing ongoing support. Running your business is a full-time job, and managing an eCommerce website can sometimes be a full-time job too. That’s why you should take advantage of a Magento development company.

As your Magento development company, 1Digital Agency will help to ensure that your Magento website offers a truly responsive design to take advantage of the increasing numbers of mobile shoppers that are transforming eCommerce. 1Digital can help save you time by making sure that the apps you choose to use with your Magento store are integrated seamlessly and that the website overall is designed in a way that appeals to your target audience and offers a high-quality user experience. 1Digital will also take a look into your layout to ensure that your website is utilizing SEO best practices to help get you more traffic. 1Digital Agency can even take the reins of your content marketing to help you fine-tune your presentation to your customers.

In short, 1Digital Agency is a comprehensive eCommerce solution to the trials of managing a Magento store. With years of experience managing design and development projects, SEO campaigns, digital marketing services, ongoing support and more, 1Digital Agency can help give you back some time that you would otherwise be spending caught up in the needs of managing your Magento store. Visit for more information, and when you’re ready to take control and build the best Magento store you can, contact them at or call them at 888-982-8269.

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