10 Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Illinois

10 Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Illinois

There is no better place to be for a perfect summer vacation trip to the USA; there is no better place to be than Illinois. People come here from all around the world to spend amazing time with their families while exploring the history and culture of this place. The main attraction that attracts the largest number of tourists in Chicago. This beautiful city is known for shopping, museums. And many cultural sites. People also love to explore Springfield and Galena in Illinois. We have jotted down the ten most beautiful places to visit in Illinois. Also, check out Air France Booking to get the best deals on flights and hotels for your vacation.


For the shopping freak in you, Chicago holds a lot of retail and luxury stores to shop from. Amongst all the beautiful places to visit in Chicago, the Loop, also known as the Millennium Park, is a place with a lot of tourist attractions and sites for you to explore. The top attractions of the Loop are the Chicago Institute of Art and The Bean. To get the best out of the city, you must take a walking tour of the town. You will get to see some of the best landmarks, including the Chase tower, The Aon Center, and the Federal Center.


The state capital of Illinois, Springfield, was once the home to Lincoln. This city is the best to know every little detail you would want to know about the former president. Once, the house of Abraham Lincoln, where he spent 17 years of his life, is situated in Springfield and is known as Lincoln Home National Historic Site. Another attraction where you can explore the life of Lincoln is Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum.


If you are someone who loves to know the history of the place you are visiting, then head to Galen on your trip to Illinois. Galena has become one of the most visited tourist sites over the decades. This place was home to President Ulysses S. Grant, and the best way to reach there is by crossing the Galena river using the pedestrian bridge.

Shawnee National Forest

When you are looking for a destination to spend time outdoors, visit the Shawnee National Forest. Once hugged by a Laurentide Ice Sheet, this place si now perfect for all outdoor adventures, including hiking, camping, photography, and enjoying the woods. The highlight of this forest is the Garden of the Gods, a rock formation similar to the Illinois quarter.

Cahokia Mounds

Located outside St. Louis, Cahokia Mounds State Historic Park was formed by American Indians over 800 years ago. The mounds signify the pre-Columbian city of Mexico. Along with these mounds, there are 69 more mounds covered in greens. The largest mound is Monks mound which is more than 100 feet tall. Another attraction of Cahokia is Woodhedge which resembles Stonehenge in England.

Anderson Japanese Gardens

Anderson Japanese Garden is situated in the third-largest city of Illinois. The gardens are open to the public between May and October when the seasonal gardens are maintained every well, and the flowers have blossomed. Along with all the beautiful plants, you will also find bridges, pagodas, lanterns, and natural water bodies all over the place. The most beautiful and picture-worthy spot in the garden is the Cypress Bridge which leads people to the Garden of Reflection.

Tunnel Hill State Trail

Not known to many people, the Tunnel Hill State Trail is located in the southern part of Illinois. The trail runs along for 5 miles and passes through some beautiful tunnels. The area surrounding the path is mostly planted as trees are lined by the side. A bike ride along the trail will bring you closer to nature.

Starved Rock State Park

Starved Rock State Park is found on the Illinois river, and it is situated very close to Chicago and hardly takes 30 minutes to reach. Over the years, the park has formed many sandstone structures because of glaciers melting. Among these sandstone canyons, the French canyon and Wildcat canyon even have waterfalls. Locals and tourists come here to go hiking and enjoy the amazing views of the mountains and greens surrounding the state park.

Grant Park

Spread on a land area of 319 acres, this park is very huge with a lot of fun activities to do for locals as well as tourists. People can find Grant Park in the heart of Chicago. The park is surrounded by greenery and tall trees by the side. The close-by places people explore from here are the museums and other attractions in the city, such as the Aon center, Chase Tower, and Federal Center.

Naperville Riverwalk

If you are looking for a quiet place during your vacation, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Naperville Riverwalk is an ideal spot for you. Freshwater fountains, artworks, and beautifully sculpted sculptures are placed all over the place for people to enjoy. You can sit or lie on the fresh grass and take some time off from the world. If you are hungry, you can grab a quick bite from the cafe located on the patio outside the riverwalk. For kids, there is a special place called JayCee playground, where they can enjoy various rides and have fun. If you want to get inside the water and take a ride, rent a kayak or paddleboat and enjoy the views.

Final Statement 

Illinois in the US has many other places to be visited by tourists. We have listed the must-visit top 10 here, but you can also go to Mississippi Palisades State Park and Lincoln’s Tomb if you are on a long vacation. To make your holiday more joyful and less stressful, you can head to United Airlines Book a flight on their website, and make all your flight and hotel bookings from one place at a great price. Once you make your reservations, they will take care of everything, from comfortably riding and staying to flight-related issues.

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