10 Things You Should Follow to be The Best Trekker

10 Things You Should Follow to be The Best Trekker

Are you fond of activities involving a rush of adrenaline, and adventure? Trekking can be an appropriate interest for you. Nepal is known globally for its magnificent views, the Himalayas and trekking. Lots of people choose Nepal to take a glimpse of the massive peaks of the Himalayas or to climb them.  Have you ever thought of going for trekking in Nepal? If not, this is a high time to take a break from your life and go for a trek. You may choose Annapurna base camp trekking for unforgettable experience.

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What do you think what makes a person a good trekker? A good trekker comes packaged with virtue. Virtue doesn’t come with experience. What are these virtues? Read to find out!

Modesty is Godliness

Good trekkers, first of all, are kind and humble. They are amazed by the rivers, mountains and the forests. On a trek, they would be lonely for long moments soaked in the views. They are not picky. A good trekker never says I love snow or I love big mountains.  They just love trekking whatever comes with it, whether ease or pain they are okay with it.

Economical with Food

Good trekkers eat economically on treks. If it is a long day trek, they bite into a fruit or munch some nuts or biscuits. They always prefer eating at camps. It is not necessary for them to eat chocolates or bars to feel energized. They draw their energy from the task in hand.

Well organized and Independent

Good trekkers always pack light. They never pack for ‘if’ moments. Their backpack rarely crosses 8-9 kg for a 6-days Himalayan trek, including woollens. They are not immune to cold but just pack sensibly. If you want to diminish the weight of the backpack; it is necessary that you make a precise log of all the things; you are carrying in your backpack. When you came back from the trek, create another list of unused things and decide you want to keep them in your backpack or not. Backpack’s weight is also a reason why you may choose a lightweight backpack from the variety of ranges available in the market.

Right choice of shoes

Show some love to your feet. Trail runners make an excellent trekking alternative for every season to trekking boots. Lighter your shoes are, more you feel light. Every pound on your feet is equal to a kilo in your backpack.

Smartphone: a helping hand

Plethoras of trekking apps are available on Google play to make your phone really smart and helpful in trekking. These apps help you in planning route and navigate you in the right direction. Many apps allow offline downloading of topographical maps; you can share your route map as well. Trekking apps consume lots of battery don’t forget to carry a power bank.

Learn to use Maps and Compass

Smartphone has made life easy no doubt, but when you are on a trek you might not be able to use your Smartphone. It’s crucial for you to know how to read printed maps. Maps don’t affect from electronic failure; don’t need batteries or recharging; unbreakable and lighter to carry. They give you a crucial fallback in case you lose your GPS

Trekking Essentials: First Aid and CPR Techniques

Medical emergencies are of two types: normal or field treatable and severe or non-field treatable. A first aid kit in your backpack is a wise choice. There may be a situation where you will be the first responder to an emergency, in this type of situation, the ability to diagnose and provide immediate first aid is bliss. Indian Mountaineering Federation (IMF) organizes a 5-day Emergency Responder Course every year. You may do this course to avoid any kind of accident.

Fitness is priority

If you are fit; you can walk for long distances and hours without much difficulty and end the trek comfortably. You will not feel tired and can explore more parts around the camp.

Sharing is caring

A good trekker never backs away from sharing whether it is water, food or a good piece of advice.

Team Player

The best part of a good trekker is that, he/she is always a part of the team and backs decisions that help the team as a whole. The person is always ready to motivate and encourage the other members of team during times of distress.

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