5 Places in Pakistan that Attracts International Tourists to Visit

5 Places in Pakistan that Attracts International Tourists to Visit

Pakistan is so much extra than what the media portrays it to be. Just like other countries, Pakistan also has a few superb and fascinating places for international tourists. From tall mountains to crystal clear blue lakes, Pakistan is the land of majestic splendour. Tourists from all over the arena are attracted to the beauty of these places. Flights To Lahore from PIA travel agents  are the usual booking of tourists because Lahore is a city in Pakistan that attracts a large number of tourists.

Following are the 5 Places in Pakistan That Attracts International Tourists to Visit.

Neelam Valley

Neelam valley is one of the most visited places from a number of the northern territories in Pakistan. It is the district of Azad Kashmir. It’s situated 90km far away from its capital. Neelam is around 180km far away from Islamabad, and it takes almost 7 hours to reach there if you travel by either personal transport or condominium vehicle. Neelam is the most incredible valley of Azad Kashmir as it has some streams, freshwater streams, lavish green mountains, and a spouting river. You must travel the Neelam valley at least once in your lifetime.

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Hunza is a heaven on this planet. It is a small place in Gilgit Baltistan. It is one of the dazzling places in Pakistan because of its beauty. Attabad Lake is one of the astonishing places in Hunza. The sight of its clear blue water appears like a fairy story. Site visitors could have a boat ride inside the lake and also can experience snowboarding and different leisure sports across the lake. Besides the lake, Hunza has Altit and Baltit forts which are outstanding pieces of artwork. This city also has a Khunjerab bypass, which serves as a border between China and Pakistan. The bypass gives you a view of the majestic Karakorum Mountain. It is appropriate to go to Hunza between April and October to enjoy these majestic places.

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Chitral district owns some other valley maintaining a cultural-historical past and brilliant splendour, referred to as the Chitral valley. It is not only beautiful, but Chitral additionally holds a historical significance for the humans of Pakistan that’s why it is also given the identity of “the pearl of Pakistan’s north”. Being a historically precious vicinity, the Chitral museum has been created to show vintage guns and antiques.

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Lake Saiful Muluk

Lake Saiful Muluk is one of the prime visitor points of interest. The lake is close to Naran on the northern corner of the Kaghan valley, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. It’s surrounded by mountains with glaciers giving the magnificent view of the Malka Parbat Mountains. The greenish-blue water is so enchanting that the visitors wander off in its splendour.

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The district is situated in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, which is called mini Switzerland. The Swat valley is one of the essential visitor sights as it is filled with amazing archaeology, lush green views, and beautiful jogging streams. Swat is worth visiting from March to October.

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All these places are worth your time, money, and efforts. You ought to visit these places at least once in your life.

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