5 Places To Visit In India During The Christmas Holiday Season

5 Places To Visit In India During The Christmas Holiday Season

The holiday season – Ready or not, here it comes! As the holiday season is approaching, everything around seems to be heightened like birds have started singing louder, the hustle and bustle at the market places have increased, the lights have become a bit brighter, and people have become happier. That is exactly why we love the holiday season and Christmas festival, right?  

Christmas Decoration

Christmas Celebration

Since Christmas will soon be knocking on our doors, it is time that we start prepping up for the festival. There are lots of things that are included in the preparation of this jolly festival like decorating the Christmas tree, tempting people with the freshly baked cookie and cakes, and, most importantly, exchanging Christmas gifts. Every year as Christmas arrives, it brings the fun-filled times along it, and this festival is celebrated with full zest in India as well. 

Though for most of us, the idea of a celebration is a Christmas party. 

But if you are willing to ditch the Christmas party this year, then here is a better plan to spend Christmas in 2019. And that is by planning a trip. Yes, you read that right. If you live in India or happen to visit India at the time of Christmas, then here are some places in India that you should definitely visit because Christmas is a big deal at some places in India too. So, pack your bags because you are going on an expedition. 


Let’s start the list with a place that has a comparatively high percentage of Christians- Goa. The beach capital of India is known for its never-ending parties and hippy culture. Though the place is perfect for visiting at any time of the year, but during Christmas, the destination becomes really beautiful. 

Goa is a hub for celebrations, so the Christmas celebration here is worth watching. The entire place is decorated with lights and flowers, at midnight, you get to enjoy the masses singing Christmas carols, live bands play at the beach cafes and restaurant. Oh, and not to forget the endless Christmas lunch and dinners. There is much more to see and do in goa during Christmas. Now you understand why goa is called party paradise? 


Looking for a perfect hill station to enjoy the holiday season. Well, what can be a better place than Manali in Himachal Pradesh? The place is known for its natural beauty and festive parties for every occasion. Each year the number of tourists attracted to the place keeps on increasing. On the eve of Christmas, you get to enjoy Christmas parties held at various parts of Manali. You can witness various music fests and live bands if you are a party person. Above all this, you get to enjoy the serene beauty and the real snow as well. What can define Christmas more than white snow? 


Now straight from north India, let’s go to the southern tip of India, and that is Kerela. Well, it is no surprise that Kerala is home to various churches, and that makes it one of the best places to celebrate this festival. Every street is decorated like a fairyland, and the churches remain open for visitors all night to enjoy carol singing. Also, there is a local touch of the place in the Christmas festival, and that can only be felt and cannot be written about. So, would you like to spend your Christmas holidays near the backwaters of Kerela? 

Daman and Diu

Remember that we have studied about the Portuguese connection of this union territory of India? And thanks to this connection that the place has a charming way to celebrate this festival. I know the place is otherwise very silent and you don’t really get to hear about this place often, but on Christmas daman and Diu becomes bright and lively. Vibrant decorations with lamps, various cultural shows, and Portuguese dance performances are some of the events you get to enjoy while you stay in Daman and Diu. 

Though there are many more places but These are some of the places in India that look and offer their best during the festive season.  So, Where are you headed to this Christmas?

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