5 Smart Travel Hacks Only Frequent Flyers Know While Travelling From Lahore To Dubai

5 Smart Travel Hacks Only Frequent Flyers Know While Travelling From Lahore To Dubai

Travel hacks mean the shortcut used for the traveling that saves your time and protects you from a boring mode. The passengers who used to travel from Lahore to Dubai or any other international destinations (Dubai is famous country every first time travelers want to go there to experience new country) are well known from the smart travel hacks and get leverages from them easily but those passengers who travel first time and do not aware from it then its beneficial for them that they also become facilitate as the frequent flyers. So now we will discuss with our passengers.

Online Reservation:

The too much fast way to buy tickets from any agency is an online reservation system. Many times suddenly travelers make a plan to go on a trip and they do not want to waste their time by going any head-quarter for buying air tickets itself. For saving time you should reserve your Cheap Flights by online process and ready for going on travel within an hour. This is the most first Hack that most passengers used for traveling.

Skip Lines:

At the airport, you see a dreadful long check-in line while on the other hand, you see the empty priority line. Then you will prefer empty line where your turn will come first, for that you should have or get global entry card that allow you to move to hurry up forward for process and get clearance for airline through custom.


Upgrade flight means if you get air-ticket f economy class but you want to travel in business class then you can get a business class seat by the upgraded process. Yes, it is the tricky way that everyone not knows. This process is can be done before boarding or after too. This is beneficial for the passenger but sometimes it’s costly and some time it had done free of cost. So, now you can use this trick of upgraded if you want to get another class seat,

Piggyback in The First Class Lounge:

Every individual traveler is allowed to have a guest in the first class lounge. You make a new friend just before they go through the doors. Ask them if you can be their guest and you can cheerful a wide variety of drinks and food for free of cost. You could piggyback into the first class cabin on the plane. This lounge is quite found a very comfortable place that allows the guests free wifi, food, drink, shower against minor payment from the airport membership staff. When your airline (flight) delayed then you can use it.

Fly Private:

A person thinks that Private flights are only for celebrities but nowadays that just isn’t true. There’s a new app it’s being called the Uber of air flyers. Some of the flights found on the app will still be way too expensive for the economy class traveler, but some are cheap flights than you might expect.

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