5 Top Attractions for Dubai Tourists to Visit this Eid

5 Top Attractions for Dubai Tourists to Visit this Eid

Eid-ul-Adha holidays have been announced all over the UAE from 31st till the 2nd of August. However, travel restrictions for Dubai tourists have been lifted and government is expecting to see good inflow of tourism.

Dubai is a globally renowned city that features some of the most exotic and entertaining destinations in the world. If you’re coming in from Abu Dhabi or any other place to celebrate Eid, there are various options for you to explore to book short term rental in Dubai.

Let’s discuss the best attractions in Dubai you should definitely visit this Eid:

Dubai Creek:

If everything is closed down, you can still head over to Dubai Creek and find the stunning views waiting. Head down to the scenic horizons that help you reflect upon the beauty of nature and civilization. The 14-km water inlet offers a view of Dubai from the sea. A change of perspective just might be what you’re looking for to make the scenery entertaining.

It’s likely that you’ll find a lot of retail centers and restaurants still serving customers. Eat at a selection of fine restaurants and cafes. If you manage to get a boat ride, feel free to take your food on your journey along the coast of Dubai.

Jumeirah Beach Park:

For all beach lovers, Jumeirah Beach Park is a marvelous attraction that boasts of entertainment and serenity. With over 12 hectares of mixed sand and grassland, one can find countless places to sit down and relax. Witness the sunset on the beach to make unforgettable memories. You’d want a good camera here to take some wonderful photos as well.

If you have a couple of friends or family, you can even have a barbecue at the beach. The place appeals all the more to young kids with its food kiosks, separate playing areas for children, etc.

Dubai Fountain:

One of the best places you can visit in Dubai for free is the Dubai Fountain. The world’s tallest performing fountain offers mesmerizing views and entertainment for all. The fountain has a height of 900 feet and performs to a variety of different songs as well. Moreover, the fountain is larger than 2 football fields with colors that it displays during its performance that are awesome and captivating.

Desert Safari:

Any and every stay in the Middle East isn’t complete without experiencing the famous desert safari. The dunes of sand await all those who seek adventure and thrill. It’s a pleasant and entertaining break from the mundane city life that you must be tired of.

Take control or sit at the back of an SUV and bounce off the desert dunes. Hold on tight though as you cruise through the endless sand and witness the skyscrapers in Dubai lining the horizon.

Dubai Miracle Garden:

The Miracle Garden is nothing short of what the name defines it to be. This attraction houses some of the most exotic and favorite flora and fauna that people didn’t think existed in the Middle East. A more beautiful, serene and naturally mesmerizing sight is hard to find than the green horizons of Dubai Miracle Garden.

Feel one with the universe as you walk through thousands of colorful flowers and witness the natural aesthetic that doesn’t cease to please.

Just make sure you stay somewhere near to witness the beauty of Dubai from all angles. Consider using a reliable property finder platform to find affordable options.

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