7 Things to Avoid While Hiring a Car in Mauritius

7 Things to Avoid While Hiring a Car in Mauritius

When we visit foreign countries, our first worry is transportation because being a visitor or tourist there; it becomes difficult to travel as per our convenience. Also, traveling by availing cab or taking buses could be a bit expensive and time-bound too. Thus, it would be better if you hire a car on your own so that you have complete freedom to travel. Following are the seven things you must avoid during Car Rental Mauritius:

  1. There are rental companies that provide filled fuel tanks, including all the charges. But it is always better to hire a cab without the provision of fuel or gasoline.

  2. It would be inappropriate if you fail to check the places where you can refill your tank. This is because you could land into trouble if your tank gets completed drained, and you do not have much fuel to get back home.

  3. One of the most important things that you must avoid doing is asking for the most upgraded vehicle at the rental desk. You must always consider asking for the car with the lowest price, and then it depends on the company if they wish to provide you with the upgraded car at the same price.

  4. Before picking the car, it is important that you check it thoroughly if there are any defaults in it. You must look for scratches, scuffs, cracks on the window or mirror, etc. and if any is found, then you must report to the agency to the soonest. If you fail to report, the company might charge you for these defaults, which you are not actually responsible for.

  5. It would be better if you call any of the staff before returning the car keys and ask him or her to inspect in front of you. Or else, you can also record a slow-motion video of the car from all the angles. Doing this would potentially reduce the chances of a company claiming that you have caused damage to the car.

  6. Driving the car over the international borders could be troublesome, and you must avoid doing it. If driving across international borders is not covered in your rental contract or car insurance policy, then it might cause a problem. However, there are provisions by which you could travel across the borders, too, but you would need to pay extra fees or charges to cover that in your rental contract.

  7. You must always consider negotiating the price of rent. Think of never accepting the rate that the rental desk says first. Also, if you find the price of one agency to be high, then you must check with other car rental service providers.

Choose the best car hire at an affordable price, along with looking at the additional facilities that the agency can provide.

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