7 Unavoidable Things to Experience in Jaipur

7 Unavoidable Things to Experience in Jaipur

Jaipur is a perfect combination of spectacular designed forts and palaces which brings a large number of travelers here. Being the pink city of India, it is a delight for every traveler. The city has a lot of sightseeing to offer in terms of activities, markets, and culture and splendor architectures. If you are a hardcore fan of astonishing forts and incredible palaces that inspires the rich story of Maharaja’s and Rajwada’s then Jaipur same day tour will not disappoint you. In fact, you can fill your bags with the amazing stuff available in the local markets of Rajasthan. If you are on vacations then do not miss out this opportunity to visit this city filled with a number of surprises at its every corner.

Here, you will get to know the list of unavoidable things to experience whenever you visit Jaipur.

Dazzling Havelis

If you love capturing the photos of old architectures then you will get the plenty of Havelis to see. These wonderful architectures and structures depict the artwork of creative designs and paintings on walls. The famous ones are Hawah Mahal, Jal Mahal, Amer Palace etc.


The art galleries situated in Jaipur are filled with the oil paintings and fine canvas which shows the strong bond of culture and art of Jaipur. The popular art galleries in Jaipur include Modern Art Gallery, Naila Art Gallery and Artchill Gallery.


If you are looking for the colorful and durable carpets in India then Jaipur comes at the second place after Kashmir. One can easily get the top-notch level quality and artesian made carpets at the good prices. Here you will the shops offering the all sized carpets.


The city has a lot of options to buy jewelry. Whether you love precious stones, semi-precious stones, silver or gems, here you will get the endless range of jewelry for you. The best part about this is the quality of jewelry which makes it even more popular.

Types of Cultural Activities

As discussed earlier, the city is known for its culture. The travelers from various parts of the world enjoy the unique combination of folk dance & cultural programs presented by the local native of the city. The popular performances include traditional dance, folk music of Rajasthan with other cultural activities.

Delicious Laal Maas

Laal Maas is the substitute of North India’s favorite butter chicken. It is actually thick gravy that tastes spicy prepared mostly with the mutton. It is one of the popular dishes of non-vegetarians which can be tasted with roti, naan and other types of spicy bread.

Seven Gates of City

Jaipur has seven gates in the city and that too at the prime locations. Maharaja Sawai Raja Jai Singh 2 is the reason behind the creation of these gates. These gates were built as per the Indian Vaastu. These gates are designed so beautifully that even tourists come to experience this.


Jaipur no doubts offer the numbers of reasons to visit apart from the above-mentioned reasons. If you have never been to this city then you should visit here in order to witness the amalgamation of beauty and history. The author of this blog is an expert from leading one day sightseeing tour services provider company, India Incredible.

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