8 Great Ideas for Summer Family Adventure
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8 Great Ideas for Summer Family Adventure

8 Great Ideas for Summer Family Adventure

Unless you have a private pool, a beach, or a park nearby, it can become overwhelming to have kids at home who are bored continuously with everything they do. Family vacations are a great way to escape the boring summer days along with your kids and a few family members; it also means more play and less or no boredom complaints.

Apart from that, you can keep your kids away from electronic gadgets and provide them with extra time to explore new activities.

Here are a few family vacation ideas in America through which you can live in the moment with your family and save money.

1 Walt Disney World:

Disney World is indeed the happiest place in the world because not just the kid’s but the adult’s eyes light up in front of various attractions. Many travel agencies can offer you various packages to help choose which part to hit and which hotels to stay in.

It can be impossible to do everything in one trip, with Disney vacation planner or a travel agency, you can break everything down and figure out what is right for your family. You can even get discounts.

2 Yellow Stone National Park:

The yellow stone national park has lots to offer, right from majestic mountains, wide-open spaces to all kinds of wildlife, and the thrill of discovering it all for the first time.

The park isn’t quite expensive, so you can add a camping adventure and let the kids explore the parks and understand nature.

3 Washington, DC:

Let your kids explore American history by taking a diligently planned trip to the nation’s capital. Your kids will be amazed by the huge statue in the Lincoln Memorial, plus, all the memorials and monuments are free.

The hotels around are fantastic and offer delicious cuisines, which means, young or adult, everyone enjoys the trip.

4 Mt. Rushmore:

If you want your kids to explore the outdoors and experience the touch of Old West, then take your kids to Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota’s Black Hills.

The surrounding of National Forest offers various activities like hiking, kayaking, and geocaching; later, kids can also check out the caves and gold mines.

The accommodations include cabins, lodges, ranches, budget inns, and camping; all are quite affordable.

5 Blue Ridge Parkway:

Are you looking forward to a good old-fashioned American road trip? Then ride along with one of the country’s favorite, Blue Ridge Parkway. It offers awesome scenery from fall foliage to summer blooms. You can rent an RV or book your trip with a travel agency to make the most out of this summer adventure.

6 Grand Canyon:

Grand Canyon is a real natural wonder and the most visited national park in the country. It manages to wow every age group person, no matter if it is a kid, a teenager, or an adult.

If you’re planning a summer vacation, you can book early to procure the best accommodations and campgrounds within the park. The canyon also features kid-friendly trail sections, ranger programs, teenage and adult-friendly rafting trips, or mule rides. Those with brave hearts can also take a trip onto the fear-inducing glass skywalk that extends 70 feet from South Rim.

7 Niagara Falls:

Your kids (under the age of five) will love getting drenched from the falls on the Maid of the Mist boat ride. You can also get closer to the falls at Cave of the Winds.

Apart from sightseeing these massive waterfalls, you can also enjoy a few outdoor activities like hiking, biking, and fishing. The area around holds year-round music and food festivals, which means you can grab your favorite food and enjoy your afternoon.

8 Colonial Williamsburg:

Colonial Williamsburg is the world’s largest living history museum that is a collection of restored 18th-century buildings. The museum also offers interactive programs that allow the kids to travel back in time and experience life in the colonial era.

The town has a beautiful bloom in spring and summer, plus, it also features spooky family-friendly Halloween events in autumn. During the holidays, the town gets generously decorated to attract both the young and adults.

You can visit the historic streets, shops, and taverns to enjoy your stay.

Bottom Line

Along with offering a fun day, this list of great ideas for summer adventure also provides your kids a look at the country’s deep-rooted history. This means they gain knowledge even while exploring new things, thus allowing them to talk to their teacher and friends about their fun activities during summer breaks.

Are you looking forward to taking a kid-friendly family trip to America? Then connect with Platinum Travel to pre-book your memorable family getaway.

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