A Guide to the Ziyarats in Makkah

A Guide to the Ziyarats in Makkah

There are a lot of holy places in Makkah need a visit by the Muslims to come from across the world. This is an obligatory part of Ibadat or you say Umrah/ Hajj, to pay a visit to the places in Makkah and Madina. You will be guided about everything in detail by your agent and the guider. It might include in your Umrah Packages you booked for.

The very first place in Makkah, every Muslim dream to visit is the place where Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) born. It was a residence where Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) born, later until 1950, it is said that there was a little memorial mosque at the same place. But now, you will be seeing is a library at the same place which works as a birthplace memorial of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). A library on that place could be the message Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) stressed a lot on, and that is to learn. The place is said to be just near Marwah.

Visiting the Cave of Hira comes Next

The cave of Hira is the place comes second subsequently in your visits of Ziyarats in Makkah. This place is five kilometers on distance with Masjid ul Haram and locates almost on the peak of the mountain. When you visit the Cave, you go yourself taking almost 45 minutes to reach your destination. It becomes so difficult to reach out to the cave in Hajj days because of the rush of so many people offering a visit of the holy place. So keep updated by your guide and prepare in advance to face any difficulty. The importance of this place is that the first Wahi was bestowed to Prophet Muhammad PBUH when He (PBUH) was busy with prayers in the Cave. Before and after the Wahi, Prophet Muhammad PBUH used this place for offering prayers.

Cave of Saur used as a Bivouac during Hijrat

This is the third holy place you will visit in line, The cave of Saur. When prophet Muhammad PBUH was migrating to Madinah, he PBUH stayed in the same cave with Hazrat Abou Bakar (R.A) for three days and three nights. This significance of the place makes it must visit the place during your Pilgrim.

Jabl-e- Rehmat is away from Makkah

It is narrated that this is the place where Hazrat Adam (R.A) the first human on earth met with his wife Hazrat Hawa (R.A) after the extensive period of forty years. There was a water stream not so far from the mountain. It is famous by the name of the queen of that time, Queen Zubaida who actually ordered to construct the stream on the place.

Ayesha Mosque

The fifth place to visit is Ayesha (R.A) mosque. The very interesting historical evidence linked with the place is that this place stayed here and put on Ehraam on the Holy Prophet’s PBUH directions. Today Hujaaj take bath on the Ayesha (R.A) Mosque and wear Ehraam. This is a beautiful religious tradition still been observed you can say. Muslims come at the place to start their Umrah journey and interestingly, no one other than the Muslims is allowed to cross the limit of the place.

The Holy Jannat ul Moallah

Ziarats in Makkah requires a visit to Jannat ul Moallah, the place having a higher significance in Islamic history. The first wife of Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Peace be upon Him), Hazrat Khadija (R.A) was buried in Jannat ul Moallah. Not only She (R.A), few other family members of Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) are also buried in the place. Hazrat Khadija (R.A) was so dear to Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). He (P.B.U.H) did not do any other marriage in Her (R.A) life. When there, your guide is expected to tell you about all the resting things linked with the place more in detail.

Masjid e Jin

This is your next destination after visiting Jannat ul Moallah. Very interesting historical evidence with this place says that at this place, Jin (Spirits) promised to obey the directions and commands of Prophet Muhammad(P.BU.H). It has a great significance in the history of books and the guide would be telling you during the visit.

Maqam e Ibrat

This place has a very absorbing reason to pay a visit. History authenticates that at this place, The locals of Makkah used to bury their daughters alive, in pre-Islam times. There are still two remaining graves on the place you will witness. When Islam came, it brought out the locals from such nonsense and brutal rituals. Islam set the example of loving the daughters by giving them equal rights as sons. This idea removes all the confusions from the questioning minds. Must pay a visit to this place to witness such an important phase of history.

Visiting the house of Abu Jahal

As you must have known about him that Abu Jahal was the great enemy of Prophet Muhammad (P.BU.H). He murdered the number of Sahabas and Sahabiat. He was killed in the battle of Badar. To visit his home is to witness the historical evils so to refresh your faith on God and his Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H.

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