Activities To Do In Puerto Penasco

Activities To Do In Puerto Penasco

Looking for a way to escape the city life and go on vacation to a far off place? Puerto Penasco is one of the best vacation spots this summer. Although the population of the Puerto Penasco is approximately 62,000, the city-town offers so much for everyone! Puerto Penasco is a favorite spot for tourists because it offers different things for different people. If you are planning to go vacation this summer, then Puerto Penasco should be on your list.

No matter if you are planning a vacation with your friends or family, Puerto Penasco has something for everyone. There are a variety of activities that you will find in Puerto Penasco. If you are an adrenaline junkie, you would be pleased to know that there are many adventurous activities that you can experience in Puerto Penasco. However, if you want for a nice quiet time in the city, then you can visit the local markets and enjoy the local life.

Here is the list of activities that you can enjoy in Puerto Penasco:

Quad Biking and Parasailing:

Take a quad bike tour on the beach of Puerto Penasco with your friends. Enjoy the coastal views with your friends as you take a quad bike tour. In addition to this, you can also go parasailing and enjoy the view of the beaches and the city from up above. Parasailing is the experience of a lifetime.

Nature and Wildlife:

Puerto Penasco has a lot of nature and wildlife to offer. But for this, you will have to step away from the city. A short distance away from the city you will see beautiful islands that offer wildlife for the nature explorer. You can reach these islands by boats.

There are many tour operators that offer nature and wildlife tours. You can go bird watching and witness wildlife. You can take a boat and go kayaking to the nearby islands. Isla San Jorge and Cholla Bay are amazing spots if you want to experience nature in its wild form. You can plan a tour on your own but it is best to go with a tour operator who knows the local ways.

Local Markets and Museums:

If you want to experience the local life of the city, why not roam around the local markets. Old Port is an attractive spot for tourist where you can buy fresh produce straight from the sea. In addition to this, you can purchase souvenirs at reasonable prices, which you can take home with you. The mermaid market and malls in the city also provide tourists an opportunity to shop.

But if you want to experience the culture, history, and art of the city, the local museums are a perfect place to start. The Seashell Museum is yet another favorite spot for tourists.


The city has a thriving nightlife. You can enjoy the parties on the beach with your friends. The city has some of the most spectacular resorts where you can enjoy the nightlife.


If you have come to Puerto Penasco, you should not leave the city without having tried the local cuisine. The resorts in the city and the local restaurants serve cuisines of every kind, including the local cuisine. So you can enjoy quality food alongside the beach.

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