What Actually is a Mexico Tourist Card and How to Get it?

What Actually is a Mexico Tourist Card and How to Get it?

When one lands in Mexico, they need a tourist card to show their accessibility to the country. It is an advanced card that features the details of your visit schedule to Mexico. It is the entrance immigration to the country. The card is issued per person, regardless of the traveler’s age or the number of days the traveler needs to stay. The information that has been provided for the issuance of a Mexico Tourist card is kept as an official record (travel record) by the Mexican Immigration Authority. To enter Mexico, it is a must to show your Mexican Tourist Card and your passport. We need to keep in mind that a Mexican Tourist card is not a visa. It is just a detailed check on the confirmed flight, days of stay in Mexico, and some personal details. They are required by the foreign traveler and last up to 180 days. The immigration authorities’ rejection of tourist cards is very unusual, and the tourist card is non-refundable. Each valid Mexican tourist card allows a single entry. However, if you are applying for kids, their guardians can fill the forms on their behalf. The Mexican tourist card is a great way to count the number of tourists in the country. This will boost tourism in the country and give tourists a chance to stay in Mexico for up to 180 days. It is essential for all the Tourists visiting Mexico for more than 72 hours (3 days).

How to get a Mexican Tourist Card:

Two ways are there to ease the issuance of your Mexican Tourist Card as per the convenience.

1- First way is to go to the Immigration office and pay for the form and fill the form right there. Then you would need to collect that from the Embassy.
2- Another way is by visiting Natvisa.com and filling out the Mexican Tourist card form. Yes, you can get the card issued online by paying the fee with your Visa or MasterCard. (However, you would still have to visit the immigration office for a stamp on your application form even if you fill it online).

After getting your Mexican Tourist Card on your email ID, you need to download it and get it printed out, and then you need a stamp from the Immigration office.

Types of Mexico Tourist Cards:

There are two types (Land and Air)

A. – Mexico Tourist Card by Air:

This is free of cost and lasts up to 6 months. There are no imposed regulations of paying the Government Fee over this type. The processing time of this card is the same as the land ones.

B. – Mexico Tourist Card by Land:

This is the other type. There is no processing time or validity difference between both types.
Required documentation for the application of Mexico Tourist Card:
To apply for a Mexican Tourist Card, the applicant must make sure about the following documentations and requirements:

1 – The identification document means the standard passport or passport card if the applicant is traveling by land.
2 – An accurate Email Address to receive the approval of their Mexican Tourist Card. Ensure the email address you have provided is working, and you are receiving notification upon that email.
3 – A valid credit or debit card, to make sure they can pay through online form filling.
4 – An e-Visa or Counselor Visa is required as per the nationality of the applicant.

Steps to apply for Mexico Tourist Card with Natvisa:

The form filling consists of three steps.

Step 1:

You need to browse natvisa.com and get the form. The first part of the form requires your personal information, passport information, and other details concerned with the trip.

You also need to check about the processing time and the Visa type (Land or Air) by this step. Filling out the form online is much convenient as you don’t have to wait in a queue.

The applicant must ensure that all the information is accurate and matches with their other legal documents to avoid any mishaps.

Step 2:

The second step is to revise your form and payment confirmation through your Visa or MasterCard.

Step 3:

Lastly, you upload your supporting documentation for the approval of your application.

The validity of Mexico Tourist Card

An approved Mexican tourist card is valid for up to 6 months (180 days). Remember that it can’t be extended any longer than the limited data on your Visa form. So, one should make sure about the expiration date. Because if you will overstay (staying more than the approved limit of stat through your Mexico Tourist Card), then you would have to bear the consequences through a fine.

Latest Covid-19 Travel Restrictions-Important Instructions for the Mexico Tourist Card

There are no restrictions imposed by the authorities to enter Mexico right now. But if one is traveling through Air, their health declaration is essential, and this is carried out before issuing their Mexico Tourist Card or during the application process.

However, travelers must keep a check on their symptoms, if having any.


This Mexico tourist card is approved only for tourism purposes. Those individuals entering Mexico on behalf of this card should not engage themselves in any employment activities during their stay in Mexico. This would be illegal, and actions against that activity would be strict. The person would be accused of the illegal activity, and profound implications would be imposed on that person. Travelers must have both sides of their tourist cards printed upon arrival via any international airport. The picture should be clear and readable. The details about the travel through Air or Land should be confirmed.

To avoid a bad situation, one should adequately check upon the personal and passport information provided in the form. Secondly, you should carry a working Visa or MasterCard to ensure your payment. Third, your provided email address must be working to confirm the confirmation of your Mexican Tourist Card.

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